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Last night was our December get-together for Bunco and we decided to do a "Favorite Things" swap. I actually attended one last year that was SO much fun (recap here) but for this group we did 3 $15-20 gifts instead of 5 $5 gifts. Even though we spent more, we all wound up with some really nice presents! I received a Nest holiday votive and Kiehl's mint lip balm, a Bath and Body Works 3-wick candle and chamomile epsom salts for a truly relaxing bath, and a cookbook and non-slip headband! All of these things are some of my girlfriend's favorite things, and it was fun to go around the room and explain why we loved the gifts we brought.

If you're unfamiliar with the Nest Holiday candle, it's DIVINE. I have cheap candles I love and expensive candles that are so-so ... but I'm telling you that this is a (relatively) expensive candle that is amazing! Highly scented and just deliciousness. The large size is a nice "treat yourself" splurge, but even the votive at $16 puts off such a great scent and will fill the room.

Did you know there is a special line where you can call Santa? You will obviously reach his voicemail these days as he is extremely busy in the workshop. But, my friend Mary Ellen told me all about it, and she often calls to report good (or naughty) behavior on his voicemail.

We don't have an Elf On The Shelf yet, but it's nice to know that we can call Santa if we need or want to! It's (319)527-2680

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We had an impromptu cookie making get-together on Saturday at my girlfriend's house, and it was such a nice time! Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the super-Pinteresty crafts that are way overwhelming, but all it really takes is some slice-and-bake cookies and a container or two of sprinkles (that you just need to know will end up on your floor) and -- ta-da, DAY MADE for kids.

More sweets updates, because it's Christmastime and we are all on a sugar high. On Wednesday, the girls and I decorated a gingerbread house I picked up on one of our last Aldi runs. I think these bad boys are like $6.99 and the gingerbread home pieces were obviously pre-cut which was so easy.

My two top tips:
1) give the house a full 15 minutes to dry once you've "icing-ed" the pieces together. Any additional weight on the pieces and it will go slip sliding. Then you can start decorating once the icing is dry and holding the home together.
2) the more candy and icing, the better. Pack it on and use it all up. We supplemented with white chocolate chips and sprinkles from our pantry.

Charlotte (20mo yesterday) is taking more and more independent steps and we are working on it every day! Thank you to all of you who have reached out with words of encouragement and support. We are working with some early intervention gurus that are part of a state-led program, so that's wonderful. We all think it is just a confidence issue -- she totally has the ability, but doesn't want to just do it solo until she knows she will master it. It will be interesting to see how this plays out with her personality as she goes through school, and later in her career. She's such a snuggly sweetheart and her sparkly eyes light up the room!

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  1. The favorite things party looks like so much fun! I agree that raising the price level just a little could lead to some much more useful and exciting gifts. have a wonderful weekend!

  2. My youngest, who is now 3.5, had to do early intervention starting at 12 months and started walking around 19 months. He was tiny for his age & just a little delayed on crawling, pulling to stand, etc. Thankfully noting was developmentally wrong, just needed some time to gain weight and get a stronger core :). Now you'd never know he was once a teeny tiny, not on the growth chart baby/toddler...he's a 3.5 line backer!

  3. Charlotte is just so precious. My Vivi is 10 months and not crawling yet which worries me a little but her doctor is not concerned... said she will do it when she’s ready! Just another lesson in motherhood... I am not in control!

  4. We were apart of EI in Georgia until my son aged out. What a special group of therapist.


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