Cinco Preguntitas. Five Questions.

This morning I answered five questions in a Facebook team page I'm part of for LipSense, and as I was typing out these answers, I thought, "heyyyy ... how fun to share this on the blog!"

So, hopefully you agree. :)
Will you share your responses in the comments section?! I'd love to hear a little about you!


1. Where do you live?
Charlotte, NC -- originally from Columbia, SC

2. If married, how long and where did you + your spouse meet?
Married 7 years this May, together 10 years. We met at a bar ... it was a set-up by friends (that I wasn't aware of)

3. If you have kids, how many and how old?
Our daughters Camille (3.5) and Charlotte (1.5) and baby boy due in June!

4. Favorite trip you've ever taken?
In 2013 -- pre-kids -- we took two weeks and went to Paris, Switzerland and Italy. Amazing. Paris was my favorite. I'm also a huuuuuuge fan of Mexico!

5. Favorite meal?
Gimme all the Southern. Fried chicken, really cheesy mac & cheese, green beans, and lemon meringue pie for dessert. And banana pudding too. Sweet tea. Gah, I'm pregnant.

Your turn!


  1. Love this! That Paris picture is absolutely gorgeous!!! 😍

    Mine are:
    1. Dallas, Texas
    2. Brandon and I have been married for 7.5 years and we met in class at Baylor University. He says he sat behind the prettiest girl in class — but in all actuality, he was late and it was the only seat left and it was near the door. 😉
    3. Two boys: Walker (4) and Knox (20 months)
    4. I studied abroad in London (with a pit stop in Italy) and it was my favorite trip in the world. It was 11 years ago now and so I’m itching to get back.
    5. I’m with you: either a good old fashioned Southern meal OR a delicious filet, truffle mac & cheese, spinach gratin and of course, bread and wine. 😉

  2. How fun!

    1) Waukesha, WI (just outside of Milwaukee!)
    2) Not married, but met by boyfriend on an app called Coffee Meets Bagel. We matched the very day that I signed up for the app and went on three dates in the first week!
    3) No kids...yet :)
    4) I went to Vancouver and Banff National Park with a girlfriend this last summer. It was such an amazing trip! I also always love going to Denver (I used to live there) to visit friends and eat/drink at my favorite places.
    5) Breakfast foods for sure! Give me all the scrambled eggs, and bacon and hash browns...and coffee and a mimosa ;-)

  3. I'll play along...

    1) Front Royal, VA (outside DC)
    2) Not married yet but I'd sure like to be... *fingers crossed*
    3) No kiddos...but maybe one day.
    4) I'm still in a post Disney daze, so that may be influencing my answer...but any trip to Disney is my favorite vacation. Although London for Christmas of 2015 was pretty excellent too.
    5) Again - Disney Daze - I had braised beef @ Be Our Guest last Thursday & it was the most flavorful & tender beef I've ever eaten. It makes my mouth water thinking about it!

  4. fun!
    1. Charlotte
    2. met in 2009 on match LOL:) married in 2012
    3. no kids but 1 rescue oodle
    4. we did London and Ireland in 2014 - pretty amazing
    5. I would typically say Mexican, but we discovered this restaurant called Crazy Fish in Plaza Midwood. It's great and they have amazing wasabi fish tacos.

  5. Love!!
    1) living in Greenville, NC
    2) married 4 years. Met at UNC. He was on the baseball team and I was friends with one of his teammates but my mom had to convince me to go on a date with him bc I figured he’d be a cocky jock ;)
    3) baby girl almost 11 months old
    4) gosh I can’t choose just one... maybe our pre-baby trip to Antigua
    5) the exact meal you chose! Give me alllll the southern cooking!

  6. So fun!
    1. Mount Laurel, NJ (originally from Lancaster, PA)
    2. Married 8 years in May, together 15 years. We met at a mutual friend's 16th birthday party. ;)
    3. Two little girls! Carrington just turned 4 and Hadley is 18 months.
    4. It's a tie between our honeymoon in Mexico and a trip we took to Jamaica, both pre-kids. Both were so relaxing (and warm!).
    5. Give me alllll of the pasta (and bread) -- eggplant parmesan is a fave!

  7. I stole this & put on mine: :)

  8. 1. Born and raised in Nashville, TN and still live here. Everyone seems to want to come/move here now and I'm just like ??? :)
    2. Married 23 years. We had mutual friends and he worked with my roommate. One day I met up with a group of friends for lunch and he was there too. I moved in with him a month later and we got married 5 months after that.
    3. No kids. We never wanted any and like the flexibility of life without them. Although I'm a middle school librarian so I am around kids all day. I do LIKE them. I just don't want them in my house.
    4. New York City. We've been nearly 20 times and would move there but can't imagine giving up our yard, house, space, etc. So we just continue to visit as often as we can.
    5. Favorite meal-anything vegan. "Chicken" fried tofu with mashed potatoes and gravy and roasted broccoli or pasta with marinara sauce and garlic bread.

  9. 1.St Louis,Mo - from Cayce/Columbia,SC
    2. Married 27 yrs. Met on blind date in Charleston,SC. Set up by my college best friend whose husband was fellow naval officer with my husband on board same ship stationed in Charleston.
    3. Two kids: daughter 25 (bday today 1/18) lives in Charlotte/South Park; son 22 in college here in St Louis.
    4. Fave spot Ko’Olina, Hawaii. But thoroughly enjoy our time in Scottsdale, Toronto, and New York City.
    5. Any Southern food my mom cooks (Mac n cheese, fried salmon patties, field peas). Also love Tee Pee Mexican - cheesy goodness in Scottsdale,AZ!!!

  10. My hubby and i are heading to Interlaken this summer. Did y’all go there? Need your must do’s if so. Thank you!

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