Five On Friday. And Camo Leggings Vote?!

It's time for another edition of Five on Friday and I do hope you'll join along!

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Happy, happy weekend! We have a fun weekend ahead with family and we're expecting warm weather. I mean ... happy dance. Ian's feeling like we didn't get enough winter (and this is a guy who has been snow skiing twice and lives for the cold) and I'm like buhhhh-bye cold! I'm ready to play on the playground or backyard playset with the kids every single day, I'm ready for driveway bike rides and cul-de-sac happy hours.

PLUS, Camille only wants to wear twirly dresses with short sleeves these days (eye roll emoji) and it's been a daily battle about making her wear a cardigan/leggings/turtleneck with said "party dress" to make it appropriate for the weather. So, come on spring weather!

Image result for warm weather quotes

I'm rounding the corner on the 24th week of this pregnancy! I'm carrying him very similarly to how I carried both girls. The belly is def large and in charge, and after wearing this Old Navy swing top (NON-maternity!) yesterday, I added two more to my cart! One in a lighter heather gray and one a mustard yellow color. Both available HERE and they are on special TODAY for $8.50-$10 so I'd say jump jump jump on this deal!

I'm wearing the XS
Clickable photo!

Heads up, Lilly lovers! I'm adding these to The Tipsy Bunny on Instagram today! My mom has also been hard at work on some adorable bonnets, and my aunt has put together some adorable felt Easter basket bunnies. Stay tuned and follow us here!

I need your vote. Maternity camo leggings. My practical side is saying "nah" but that little impulsive devil on my shoulder is saying #treatyoself

Should I pull the trigger? They are expensive but currently $25 off. Plus I can buy online and pickup in store, so ... score.

Sending you a hug as we roll into this weekend! Happy, happy Friday. 


That's it for today! Hope you have a lovely weekend -- thanks for linking up with us below!


  1. I am not a fan of camo at all --sorry! But, if you love them, go for it! When you're pregnant its the little things you do to treat yourself that can make all the difference. Hey, you're saving $$$ by not drinking any cocktails so may as well splurge a little on some leggings if that's what floats your boat :)

  2. You look great girlfriend! I'm not the biggest fan of camo. Honestly, I'm not confident on how to wear it lol. Loving those bows!
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  3. Take it from this mom of a 4 year old boy camo, like leopard, matches EVERYTHING. It is a wonderful neutral. My preppy little guy rocks his camo pants with pink polos. And red firetruck shirts. And yellow button downs. Truly-its as versatile as khaki. Annnd it makes his duck hunting dad super ok with everything else he wears;)

  4. The bows are SO. CUTE. May be making another purchase! Also, love the pic of the girlies at the end--precious! My youngest is obsessed with those little cars. :-) TGIF!

  5. Um...LOVE the leggings. Take the plunge! Camo is a major style staple right now!

  6. Get those leggings sista, you can totally rock them! Also, those swing tops are THE BEST!

  7. Go for it with the leggings... you can roll them as Capris for transition weather! Plus... that charcoal tank would look super cute with them! And look at it this way... you only paid $6.99 for a haircut soooooo that makes up for it😜!?!?

  8. Do it! They look comfy too! Also, cannot wait to snag some new bows from you! I'm overdue! Happy weekend to y'all! xo

  9. The camo leggings look fun - go for it!

  10. Those leggings are pretty darn cute.😉They'd go with all your new tees...just sayin'.XO

  11. Yes! Go for it! I love camo and those are adorable!!!

  12. I don't like camo but I was a pretty big fan of treating myself to anything that made me feel pretty during pregnancy.

  13. I vote... follow your heart on the leggings! ;) If the camo is speaking to you, get 'em! Love those bright spring bows. Hope your weekend is going well!

  14. I'm sorry I am not a camo-fan either :( - but it looks like you've had more camo-fans haha! Bit I love the bows - they are super-cute! I Hope you had a great week-end. Joanne x

  15. Those bows are SO cute! Not a fan of camo but I’m sure you will make them look adorable!

  16. My girl is the same age and WILL NOT wear a cardigan. So now, I make her wear a long sleeve shirt under a short sleeve twirl dress. It's ridiculous, but it works. These are also a HUGE hit:

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