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It's time for another edition of Five on Friday and I do hope you'll join along!

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Thanks y'all for pushing me to #treatyoself with this floral maternity top from Loft! I shared some videos of it yesterday on my Instastories if you're wanting to see it in a little more detail.

I checked my favorite sale-alert site Retail Me Not this morning to see if LOFT was running any deals to pass along to y'all, and looks like several of their tops today are 30% or 40% off. The maternity top isn't included in that, BUT the non-maternity version is.

Wednesdays are the day that I have some solo morning time with Camille while Charlotte is at Mother's Morning Out. I've made it a goal to do something special with her each Wednesday, and this week we played with her Bristle Blocks.

If you aren't familiar with these, they are an easy $15 grab from Amazon and they are AWESOME. She also loves Legos (Duplos) these days, but if Charlotte wants to play blocks with her these are even easier because they don't have to be lined up as precisely.

Bristle Blocks - here on Amazon

I've been watching two guilty-pleasure shows ... Summer House (Bravo) and Married At First Sight (Lifetime). Summer House took me about 2-3 episodes to really get into but I just love it now. And Married At First Sight ... three couples are set up by matchmakers/psychologists and LEGALLY married. They first meet each other at the end of the aisle. At the end of eight weeks, they can either have the marriage annulled or they can choose to continue on. 

Anyone else watching these?

Image result for summer house bravo

Image result for married at first sight

Thanks to SO many of you for your support in the Usborne Battle of the Hostesses competition I've been participating in! Today's the last day to comment/engage in the Facebook group (no cost and it earns me amazing hostess points!) and make any purchases HERE.

We three hostesses are competing for up to $100 in free books for our little ones!

Camille's reading That's Not My Lamb here. Even though it's great for younger ages, since the words are really easy to remember, she now "reads" it. 

And below are some of the books on my wishlist!

Speaking of kiddos, has anyone tried the free 30-day trial yet of Amazon FreeTime? I've been super interested in this. I love that it's broken down by age range and that you can easily set time limits and accessibility. It encompasses books, videos, and apps. 

I think this sounds great for Camille, especially since she gets a little screentime while I'm getting ready for the day. 

Click here to give the trial a shot: free 30-day trial

Books, apps and videos for kids of all ages.

• A world of content for kids to explore within a completely kid-friendly environment 
• Promote reading and math with educational apps and thousands of books 
• Best-in-class parental controls - choose what content each child sees, and set educational goals and time limits 
• Personalize each kid's experience with profiles, and let them watch where they want to - on Fire Tablets, Kindle eReaders, Fire TV, or Android phones and tablets 
• Great for kids between 3 and 12 years old 


That's it for today! Hope you have a lovely weekend -- thanks for linking up with us below!

*affiliate links used, thanks you sweet friends!


  1. FINALLY someone else who is watching MAFS!!!! Yes, I love this show! What do you think of the couples?? Ryan annoys the ever loving daylights out of me!

    1. Jenn, I’m so glad you suggested this show! I’m obsessed now! And Ryan is the WORST!

  2. When you first posted that top, I was sad it didn’t come in non maternity and totally didn’t even check to see if it came in non maternity. But since you did my work for me, im happy to say it’s coming to my house!

  3. So glad you got that top - it looks adorable on you! Love those bristle blocks. My 4.5 year old loves building so I'm sure they'd be a great addition to our play room. :) Happy weekend!

  4. You are looking adorable and I love that top!

  5. Thanks for the link up again! The Camelia top is really pretty and work so well with those earrings - great outfit. Thanks for the guilty pleasure TV tips - we don't have Bravo here but I will see if I can find both series on Netflix - especially now the Ben season (yes we are way behind) of the Bachelor has finished and also season one Southern Charm - so thanks for that! :) Joanne (Europafox Blog) x

  6. I am sure you read the reviews, but those bristle blocks are a NIGHTMARE on hair. They burr in really quickly. My goddaughter had to cut out a huge chunk to free one. Fantastic and fun toys, just keep them away from hair! (The girls were playing on the floor and rolled onto one...agggh)


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