Hostess Battle ... With Books!

Recently I've chatted a bit with y'all about Usborne books and the ones we have that we LOVE.

I just had an opportunity to join in on a one-day BATTLE OF THE HOSTESSES Facebook party where I'm up against two other hostesses to win $100 in books for our home!

and ... it's today!
(direct shopping link here - I'd love it if you would help me win!)

Being that the majority of our books have "Princess," "Sparkles," or "Fancy" in the title, I think it's about time for us to beef up Baby Boy's bookshelf with some new reads. He'll still have no option but to love and embrace Pinkalicious and Fancy Nancy, because they ARE the best, but at least we can maybe add some brand new books just for him.

This book "All Better" is a favorite, but we also love the "That's Not My _____" series! They have lots of different interactive textures and are great for multiple age ranges. 

Picture of That's Not My Lamb  Picture of That's Not My Puppy

Books in that series above are $9.99 so they won't break the bank and they are just such high quality ... if they are indestructible in our home, that says a lot!

Anyway, I can really stand behind these books -- they are interactive and engaging. These would make wonderful holiday gifts, birthday party gifts, or baby shower gifts. You can't go wrong to have a few on hand for that "I need a present NOW!" moment that we all have from time to time!

So, how do you get started perusing?
  • Join this Facebook group so that you can partake in games, learn some quick facts about the books, and maybe even win something!
  • Or, shop the site directly under my hostess number HERE (for those of you who are just ready to browse and/or purchase)

My personal "top 5" wishlist this time around:

Animally - I flipped through a few of the pages of this and it's all about the love you feel for who you're reading to! Absolutely adorable. 

Picture of Animally 

Secrets of the Vegetable Garden - You hold the pages of this book up to the light to reveal some hidden pictures! I love this! Many other book themes in this same "Shine-A-Light" genre. 

Picture of Secrets of the Vegetable Garden - Shine-a-Light

Nursery Rhymes - a perfect book for our new baby! Classic nursery rhymes!

Picture of Nursery Rhymes (Very First)

Lift-the Flap Shapes - My girls love anything with flaps and hidden scenes, and this one is a great standard. 

Picture of Lift-the-Flap Shapes

Nibbles: The Book Monster - Mischievous Nibbles works his way through three fairy tales and changes the outcome of each. This is from their Top Sellers category!  

Picture of Nibbles: The Book Monster

So, I hope you'll join us on FACEBOOK today to cast your vote for me as the "hostess with the mostest" ... the one who will earn lots of new amazing books for our growing family! Please hop over and comment that you're there for me so I can see your amazing face and thank you :) and if you do decide to place an order, HERE'S the website and all orders placed Wednesday help me get one step closer to that goal!


  1. These look like so much fun! Our little guy LOVES his Mini Machines set from Usborne. "Bill's Bulldozer", "Carl's Crane", "Dan's Dump Truck", and "Dave's Digger" have all been very loved at our house. Plus they're the perfect price ($7.99) and size (easily fit in a diaper bag...or little boy's pocket)!

  2. We have a lot of these and they're so cute! We love the "That's not my..." series. :)

  3. I just ordered a couple more “that’s not my” books ;) thank you for hosting a party; we love these books!


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