A Baby Boy Sprinkle

Sunday afternoon, some of my very dear girlfriends gathered together to help welcome our sweet baby boy! My girlfriend Sarah was so kind to host us all at her lovely home -- she did a beautiful job with the food, flowers, and favors. 

three more expectant mamas here -- two of which are expecting their third as well!

Look at these delicious macarons from Amelie's! They were so tasty.

For favors, she had delicious-smelling bars of soap in these beautiful and thick blue drawstring bags. 

It was the sweetest little celebration and I feel so fortunate to have the amazing girlfriends I do!

Thirty three weeks now and counting! Although my amazing doctor (pictured above) said to aim for 39 weeks ... she just has a feeling. :) We shall see!


  1. Those macarons look divine! We're on baby watch over here for my littlest niece -- so exciting!

  2. What a sweet and precious shower! You are seriously THE cutest!

  3. You look beautiful! Sarah did an amazing job, per usual!

  4. You are in such a fun stage of life. Baby showers, play dates, and birthday parties with all your friends are so fun. Now I'm carrying the banner for the first one to have a child get married and my friends just threw the most wonderful bridal shower for my future daughter-in-Love❤️. Enjoy every minute!! XOXO

  5. Ohhhhh, congrats! What a beautiful picture! When your child went to school, he/she can use this personal statement service to do homework with them!


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