Easy Button Birthday Party

I have no shame in my "easy button" game!

Camille's 4th birthday celebration was the easiest (yet one of the smartest and most fun) parties I've hosted. Originally I had us booked at Ben & Jerry's -- which actually does a fantastically cute kids party -- but it was going to be in about the mid-$200s to host and I just sort of had a panic moment and switched gears.

What's important to four year olds? Sweets and friends.

So I took that and just ran with it and we met some friends and their families on Sunday morning at Dunkin' Donuts!

my outfit details:
high-neck swing tank (non-maternity) // fabric necklace (similar) // monogrammed sandals (similar)

I found a couple of cute donut images on Google (just searched "donut iphone wallpaper") and let Camille choose which one she liked best. Purple background won out, obvi. I added some text using the WordSwag app and let Camille choose five friends (and their families) to invite. Then I just texted out this image. Done. 

Sunday morning, we arrived at ol' DD about 10 minutes before our friends and purchased two big boxes of donuts for ten bucks a piece. I'd also brought single-serve organic milks for the kids, our own purple paper plates and rainbow unicorn napkins. 

Gift bags were simple -- bubbles and candy.

Donuts, milks, paper plates, napkins and treat bags, I was about $35 in on this party. 

We didn't even need a cake or cupcakes because ... donuts! The grown-ups were able to relax with a coffee and just chat. 

The entire party lasted about 45 minutes total. It was truly like a flash mob party -- swoop in, celebrate, sing Happy Birthday, clean up, leave!

High-fiving myself on this one a little bit. It was simple, enjoyed by all and just enough to make Camille feel like a princess for the morning.


  1. Such an AWESOME idea!!!!
    So glad y’all had such a great time celebrating that precious girl!

  2. What a fun little party. Sometimes simple is just as good. Both your girls are just little beauties! 😍

  3. THIS is my kinda birthday party!!!!! absolutely perfect. i'm already stressing over how to "easy button" my two july babies here in a couple months!! way to go, girly!

  4. Love that party idea.. and she looks like she had a blast which is the most important!

  5. Omg this idea is AMAZING! I'm going to remember this for the future!

  6. This is such a great idea! Keep it simple and fast for those little cuties! One of my favorite parties was a day at the park when my daughter turned two. Everyone just came and played at our favorite playground. We had cake and drinks...done and done! :)

  7. Love.

  8. such a great idea!!! LOVE it. and she is just too cute- happy birthday, camille. you are precious. xo

  9. Yay for a relaxed birthday party!! This is perfect!!

  10. This is such a cute idea! Now you have my wheels turning for my youngest daughter's 2nd birthday in July. I have always done our birthday parties at our house (my oldest will be 5 in Nov) but even that gets expensive with catered food and all that. So glad Camille enjoyed her party!

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    This is such an awesome thought! Keep it straightforward and quick for those little cuties! One of my most loved gatherings was multi day at the recreation center when my little girl turned two. Everybody just came and played at our most loved play area. We had cake and drinks...done and done!


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