Right On Target (Finds From ... Target)

Tonight is ...
...Target shopping (online, natch).

So let me show you what I just bought. All together qualified for free shipping and I can't WAIT to see the girls in those matching swimsuits!

Toddler Girls' Lemon One Piece Swimsuit - Cat & Jackâ„¢ Yellow - image 1 of 3

I got this in 4T and 2T for the girls.
Currently they are BUY ONE, GET ONE 50%!

Look at the sweet back!

Toddler Girls' Lemon One Piece Swimsuit - Cat & Jackâ„¢ Yellow - image 2 of 3

And for me, I splurged on some new summer jammies! Before my belly got too large, I was loving sleeping in these amazing PJ Salvage pajamas that Ian got me for my birthday (mine are solid gray) but after each of my deliveries I have had such craaaaazy hormone surges that I often wake up dripping in sweat at night. So, even though we keep our home a little chilly at night -- what I call "arctic zone" -- I still can't handle the long sleeves and long pants. 

So I purchased this chic black set and can't wait for it to arrive! Not to mention, the button front is extremely nursing-friendly. 

Women's Pajama Set Total Comfort - Gilligan & O'Malleyâ„¢ - image 1 of 2

Okay, back to my wine and pizza I go! And next up, Southern Charm on DVR, and a bubble bath!


  1. I have those jammies! I bought them for the same reasons, but am pleased to say I still rock them now. They are very soft. Those lemon suits are adorable!

  2. You are the second person I have seen recommend those pajamas.. I think I need to cave and order a pair!

  3. gosh target is just killing it all the time for me, too, lately! i found myself in head to toe target yesterday. haha. i need those jams!

  4. I bought those exact jammies before having my son and they are my favorite! Now, I buy them as a gift for second time mommas. I throw in a few face mask packets from Target and it makes what I think is a perfect gift for a new mom.

  5. Oh my goodness I love that swimsuit for the girls!!!!

  6. Those pajamas are the best! I've gifted a pair to my mom for Christmas and she wears them all the time, so when I saw they came out with a lemon printed pair, I grabbed some for myself. I'm obsessed. They're so soft and comfortable--you'll love!

  7. I have those jammies in 3 prints/colors. Specifically purchased for hospital after babies and nursing. I LOVE them. So...maybe I also have them in 2 different colors of the pants/long sleeved version too. Ha!

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