Five On Friday: Cute Lochlan Pics, Too!

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Look at this sweet babe! He's more and more alert these days and is such a CHUNK. Look at those cheekies!

Last night was the first time he's slept in his own room in the crib (he's been in a bassinet next to me for these past 6 weeks) and he did GREAT - up at 3:45, up at 6:45 and that's it!

So I don't always have a ton of time to watch television, but I have a new favorite. PLUS it's right around 20 minutes long which means it's super easy to slip one in. Flip or Flop Atlanta is on HGTV On Demand and I like it a lot better than the original version. This couple is oh-so-cute without being over the top, and they do some awesome renos on Southern houses. 

I love seeing what sort of financially-wise changes they make and how much profit they end up earning. Surely everyone who watches flipping shows thinks "HEY ... I could do this?!" and I'm falling into the same hype. Flipping a house would probably be a dream job for me!

Image result for flip or flop atlanta

You meet people in just the strangest ways, and I have loads of personal stories about this. My friend Addie falls into this category. We met because she sells LipSense with me, and we got to know each other even better when we attended a seminar together in Oklahoma. She's WONDERFUL. She flew into Charlotte yesterday and we caught a quick salad together at Chopt. I just love her! And I just love that this crazy lippy world brought us together.  

So hot dogs may not be as appealing to you as kids' food as, say, organic kosher grass-fed cage free gluten free turkey meatballs, but sometimes a kid just has to be a kid during the summer, am I right?! And my girls really love these octopus hot dogs I make. Using a knife, I just slice the bottom part into four pieces and then microwave for 45-60 seconds. To be really safe, cut the entire hot dog lengthwise before they eat it, but at least for the initial presentation it's so darn cute! You could even get really creative with goldfish and make an under-the-sea theme. 

My sister's coming to town this weekend with her family and we have plans to hit up Nordstrom for the anniversary sale. For anything I really want to make sure to get, though, I'm doing my shopping online TODAY since the sale is now live to the public.

(all images below are clickable to shop)

My number one FAVE, the textured v-neck sweater! Ordered it immediately, YAY! Love it now with shorts for breezy summer nights, and later with skinny jeans and booties. Two colors are already sold out but four colors still remain. Sizes are really limited, I'm in the XS here. I chose the pink color this morning. 

In love with this cozy Halogen open cardi (pockets!) and the raw-edge $11 v-neck tee underneath. The white one is sort of sheer so be prepared to layer it with a cami. I also tried on brown and black in store and they were less sheer.

Rib Wrap Sweater by Leith
Under $40 and available HERE
I saw SO much of this gorgeous lilac color in store!

This ribbed cardigan is $25.90 and perfect for nursing.
I'm seeing so many button-down henleys this season.
Love this easy trend!

And on a baby-related note, I can't BELIEVE the Dock-A-Tot has not sold out yet as part of the sale! These things hold their value so well for resale and Lochlan loooooves it. New mamas, this is worth the purchase.

Deluxe Stage 1 Dock,                        Main,                        color, Emerald Isle

Nordstrom sale ... What did you score?!


That's it for today! Hope you have a lovely weekend -- thanks for linking up with us below!


  1. You are such a fun mom with that octopus hot dog! Need to try that around here; Walker and Knox would die. Baby L is so precious and yay for crib sleeps! My only two scores from the Nordstrom sale were two new pairs of my beloved Zella high-waist leggings (one crop and one full-length). The best!

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  2. Lochlan!!!!! He is just absolutely edible!!!
    So fun your sister is coming into town and you’re going to do some shopping!! You could look stunning in a paper sack… But I love all of the finds you have found at the Nordstrom sale! Have a wonderful weekend friend!!😘😘

  3. Lochlan is quite the little dream-boat! He is already such a handsome little chap! You've done great moving him to his cot so soon - I am guessing the waddling helped? It is not something I've done consistently before - I need to give it a better go this time! All your tops are great and the pale lavender ballet style top is gorgeous. You really suit the deep pink too. You must post on how you managed to stay in shape during and after pregnancy - I will soak up your tips - you look amazing! Dock a Tot is a great idea too - I've not seen that before. Great post! Have a lovely weekend - Joanne x

  4. Oh my goodness, could he be cuter?! Nope, he couldn't! Glad he is doing well so far in his crib and gave you some great stretches of sleep. :) Love that textured sweater you snagged from the sale - perfect transition piece!

  5. Two questions:
    1. What swaddle is he in? Looks super snug!
    2. What’s the deal with dock a tot? What’s the purpose of it?

  6. Beautiful pics. Thanks for hosting and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  7. I didn't hear about the dock-a-tot until after I'd put together a registry, but would *like* one but would be afraid it wouldn't get enough use. Like so many baby things, right? :)

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