Charrie's Birthday!

I can't believe Charlotte is THREE!

On one hand, she still feels just so much like my little baby. On the other hand, I feel like we have experienced so much LIFE with her that it's hard to think that she's "only" three.


If you've read here for a while, you know that we didn't know whether she was going to be a boy or a girl. We decided to keep it a surprise. My one request was that Ian would be the one to tell me the moment she was born if it was a girl or boy. I will never forget his words, "It's another girl!" I loved that choice of words because it immediately linked the two girls together in my mind. I pictured them dressing alike, playing dolls, sharing a bedroom (which they did, even if just for a couple of months).

The bond between Camille and Charrie is definitely strong and you can tell that Char just thinks big sis hung the moon.

For Char's birthday party, we wanted a beautiful little celebration with some of our closest friends and neighbors. I didn't want it to be overwhelming for her, and I also didn't want us to lose sight of what we really needed to focus on -- our birthday girl! You know how it can be when you have these mega parties, you're so busy entertaining and running around that you miss out on some of the sweetest, most special moments.

One of the local nonprofits that has been SO good to us, The Sandbox, is the force behind all of the party logistics. The founder, Mara, worked with her team so make this as smooth and easy for us as anyone could ever hope for. I was out of town leading up to Char's birthday, so they took the reigns and made everything come together -- ordered the cake (I just texted them some inspiration photos), brought over trays of Chick Fil A nuggets and drinks, ordered the flowers (I just told them what flowers reminded me the most of Char), picked up the cookies generously donated by Sugary Smiles, provided us with a photographer, I mean the list just truly goes on and on.    

Having the party in our backyard allowed us all to enjoy the outdoors and the kids could play on the swingset, swing in the hammock and enjoy the big tree swing (this one, because I always get questions about it!). 

It really was the perfect day just filled with love.

And can we even discuss that cake. I mean ... exquisite. Just sweet and lovely like Char. There was strawberry filling on the inside.

Charrie girl, you are THREE. You give the most magical smiles and you have always been the best little girl. We all love you so very much Char. Here's to many more birthdays!


  1. Happy birthday to sweet Charlotte! I didn't realize the girls' birthdays were so close! Everything was beautiful!

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  2. Happy birthday Charlotte! Looks like a beautiful and sweet party!

  3. What a lovely party! Looks like everyone had a great time.

  4. Perfect party for a PERFECT 3 year old angel girl! So glad all the details were taken care of so you could just enjoy in the beauty of Charlotte's special day!!!

  5. What a sweet, precious, beautiful party! I love all of the pictures. That cake IS absolutely amazing and I love it! She looked so happy -- especially with her cute little "Happy Birthday" headband on! Happy belated Birthday, Charlotte!

  6. Happy Birthday, Beautiful Charlotte!

  7. Happy birthday Charlotte! Looks like a beautiful and sweet party!. I will be a regular visitor for ssc exam.

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  10. Happy belated birthday to Charlotte. God bless Charlotte and your family.

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