Back To The Queen City

I have really good news ....

Ian took a job offer in Charlotte, NC and we'll be moving back at the end of the month.  We have a lot of history there.  :)  We met in Charlotte in December '08.  After 6 months of dating, Ian took a job in Columbia, SC.  I stayed in Charlotte and we did the long distance thing for a little over a year.  At that point, we had been engaged for several months, so I came down to join him.  I've only been living here since August, so it was a quick stint but a fun one.  My mom, dad and sister live here, and I can truly say that the hardest part about moving is leaving them.  We all have had some really fun times, but I see many road trips in our future.  And Charlotte's only slightly more than an hour up the road!

I lived in Charlotte for 6 years after college and absolutely adored it.  The restaurants, the shopping, the nightlife, the concerts, the antique shows, the bead shows, the parks, the PEOPLE!  It's an amazing city.  Ian and I have really been missing it.

We went to Charlotte this weekend and did some house-hunting.  We placed an offer on a home just this morning and we are still awaiting a response.  I'm so nervous!  Please send good wishes our way.

While in Charlotte we went out with a big group of friends Saturday night and had drinks at Mortimer's, a pub in the Epicenter.  Then we walked over to Enso and had a ton of sushi - it's one of my favorite spots in Charlotte.  We hit up Mez afterwards for a few drinks and ended the night at Kennedy's in Elizabeth.  It was a great trip.  We took some pictures and passed the camera off to friends -- I rarely end up on this end of my own camera, but I realized how many wacky faces Ian and I make without even realizing it!

I think we're just too, too excited!!!  Seriously - send good thoughts about the house!


  1. Congrats! Such exciting news :) Will you be working uptown? If so we should meet up for coffee once you get all settled in! Good luck with the move and the house...GREAT thoughts your way!

  2. Yay! I can't wait to hear about where the house is!

    PS - your hair looks amazing in those pictures!


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