Honeymoon Help

Its cold outside.  C-c-c-c-c-cold.  I'm ready to be sitting in paradise, drinking a frozen adult beverage, and having my biggest worry be tan lines.

Yep, bring on the honeymoon.

In just a few short months we'll be enjoying this exact scenario in .... oh WAIT, we don't know yet!  (Insert audible gasp.)

Is it bad that we don't have our honeymoon booked yet?  We are not even that picky.  We want:  a) tropical  b) beautiful  c) all-inclusive  d) I hate to say "adults only" because that sounds sketch, but basically just no kiddie pool games going on all day every day while I'm relaxin' with my sweetie.

So please -- if you are reading this and thinking "Oh! I bet April would like to know about (insert great resort here)", then please do tell!  Ian and I will love you forever.  It's true.


  1. We have friends going to Dominican Republic (punta cana) in April, check it out! We did Calasbash Cove Resort in St. Lucia!

  2. Does DRake talk to you too? My MIL came up with the name Miss Reeves. Hubs and I went to Playa Del Carmen

    I actually need to do a blog post about it with out pics. I'll let you know when its up!

  3. FYI- I put my honeymoon post up!


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