Let It Snow!

This morning Ian said the sweetest words to me.

He got out of bed, walked to the window, and said "Baby ... there's no way you're going to Raleigh today!"

I knew immediately what that meant ------  SNOW!!!!  I ran to the window and there were gobs of fluffy flakes all over the place and still coming down from the sky like crazy!

Luckily, I work right now from home, so I don't have to worry about going into the office.  I made a few mugs of chai tea, propped my space heater right by my feet, and had the safest commute to work ever.  :)  And my overnight trip to Raleigh did get cancelled, so now I just have to figure out dinner for tonight.  Hmm.... what's in the freezer to keep me from having to trek to the grocery store?!

Hope you got some snow too and maybe even are enjoying a snow day from work!


  1. how cute, we have a husky as well and she makes an appearance on my blog sometimes!


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