Nailed It.

I love having a nice manicure and especially one that I can do myself.  One of my favorite places to get a manicure is Polished in Charlotte -- not only do you get a great manicure or pedicure, but they play fun, loud music, have a really trendy decor, and serve you wine.  Perfection.

Treating myself to a manicure is something I love doing here and there, but I also enjoy doing my own nails.  Usually, I go pretty classic with my color.  The Sally Hansen Insta-Dri is a really great line that I've been loving.  It dries so quickly, has a nice shine, and has this thick round-trip brush that makes it easy to cover your entire nail in about 2 swipes.  I'd put it up to any bottle of Essie or OPI.  My favorite color is below and it's called Petal Pusher.  It's a pretty ballerina pink and two coats look nice and opaque.

Lately I've been enjoying this one that my sister put in my stocking.  It's Essie's Playa del Platinum.  Definitely different but a great neutral.  I don't think I'd want it on my toenails because my tootsies would look too washed out.  I almost always have red or pink toenails.

Recently I tried this 14 Day Nail Shield also put out by Sally Hansen.  While easy to apply, it can be a little tedious because you need to get the nail films perfectly lined up with your cuticles.  The only complaint I had was that they were pretty thin and not too shiny.  On the upside, they really did stay on for almost two weeks without looking bad (and I'm a nail perfectionist).  I thought my nails were surprisingly stronger after having them on.

You can't have pretty painted nails and dry cuticles!  Keeping cuticles moisturized is key.  I keep good moisturizers in my desk drawer, purse, and nightstand and apply religiously.  The Gilden Tree line has a 95% Shea Butter Balm that is completely luxurious.  I have the small travel size ($6) and it's lasted for almost three years.  A little goes quite a long way.  Once you put it on your skin, it melts right in .... literally.  Amazing, ya'll.

Another classic is a tube of Aquaphor.  Mine is from the drugstore and it's another product that will last you forever. 

A while back at Walgreens I found this gem below.  They make their own line of avocado petroleum jelly.  Personally, I don't know why it's called avocado.  It's not green; it's not thicker than normal Vaseline; it doesn't really even smell like avocado.  Then again, avocados don't really have a strong smell.  But it does smell fresh and yummy and is a nice change of pace from the traditional scent.  And cheap cheap cheap! 

Happy manicuring!



  1. Oh la la, I may have to find some of the Gilden Tree line and that avocado goodness!! Yum!

    Don't you feel like airports and hotels are horrible for your hands? Ugh they're awful!

  2. GIRL! I LOVE OPI and normally do Bubble Bath on my fingers and I'm Not Really A Waitress on my toes! :-)

  3. GAHH!!! I have that Essie colour on right now :) I love it!! And your nail salon sounds like a total slice of heaven don't you think? MMM huh! xo


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