Not Feeling Too Hot.

Every January, without fail, I start getting the sniffles. 

Ugh...........  It's hit me again.

It all started yesterday morning when I woke up and thought I felt a little "off."  I pushed on through, worked til 5, even took a bike ride with Ian after work.  I felt fine but was a little quiet -- I just didn't feel like my normal self.  After a grocery store trip I laid down on the couch and started feeling worse.  Luckily, Ian stepped in and cooked dinner for us, cleaned up everything afterwards, and then was a champion when he took care of me after I got sick.  (Like, SICK sick.  As in -- I'm happy he still wants to marry me after hearing the noises from the bathroom.  TMI?)

I went to bed at 9:30 and tossed and turned.  Anyone have any fail-proof advice for getting better?  I've been drinking lots of water, green tea, and eating clementines for Vitamin C.  Soup will be on the menu for lunch.  I never nap, but I may just have to lay down this afternoon.   What else can I do?

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