One Year Older.

My birthday was January 1st and it was spent as all of my birthdays are .... around the house, not doing too terribly much!  We stayed out late the night prior so it was wonderful to just relax.  Ian and I went to the gym and later took Drake on a walk to the dog park, but other than that we just hung out together low-key style.  That night we went out to dinner with my parents, sister, and her boyfriend and I had some delicious sushi -- exactly what I wanted.  They then proceeded to spoil me rotten with really thoughtful and fun gifts.  :)

My youngest sister has been working on pulling together all of our family photos into new, archival safe albums.  She stumbled across this picture of me playing with a sprinkler and framed it for my birthday.  I just love it.

My middle sister lives in New York and couldn't be around for my birthday, but while we were all together for the holidays she gave me a new Coach purse.

While we were in Southport, NC, we went into this great antiques store where I fell in love with this antique cup.  Mom said, "Want it for your birthday?"  Um, YES!  Let's wrap it up!  It's from King Edward's coronation in 1902.  The graphics on this are just gorgeous.  He appears on the front along with his "beloved consort Queen Alexandra" and they are flanked by lions, flags, and flowers.  Beautiful!  I can't wait to fill it with big white or blue hydrangeas or fluffy pink peonies. 

I also received this lovely hat from my parents.  It is just the cutest with that black grosgrain ribbon band and bow on the side!

This vase is from Mom and it's such a cool design.  You fill it with water and fill the holes with flowers and greenery.  Isnt' this a great concept?

I also loved this sweet notepad so much from World Market - and it was filled with another goodie that will get used verrrrrry quickly.

Guess what Ian did.  He read my blog and saw my wishlist of Etsy items.  Then he ordered a pair of these gorgeous earrings for my birthday.  They're a bit delayed coming in due to the fact that they are coming from Tel Aviv - how cool is that?!  I can't wait to receive them.  He did well.  :)

And to top it off, he had these for me!  What girl doesn't love big fussy roses?

Thanks family for making my 29th a great one!  I'm considering coming up with a "30 Before 30" list and blogging about it... thoughts??


  1. Uhm LUCKY!! You got spoiled missy :) And a 30 before 30 list would be so rad. Makes me wanna do one too hehe

  2. Wow, what a fun birthday! Love the antique cup....we have the same taste! ;) Sounds like your parents and Ian are very creative with their gift their thoughtfulness!

    Oh and PS - I asked my Mom to send me the recipe for the crab soup. She has to get Dad to scan it! I'll pass it along when I receive!

  3. Happy Birthday April! What great gifts you received!


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