Weekend Frittata Recipe

That wonderful goat cheese and pancetta frittata that we had for Mothers Day got a few comments requesting the recipe ... and I don't blame you!

It is deeeee-lish.  My sister Laura is a wonderful cook, and lucky for you, she posted the recipe on her blog!

Check it out and whip it up this weekend.  I promise you'll love it.

PS:  I did something very fun today .... details coming soon  :)


  1. I missed the original Mom's Day post on this, but I must say, that looks and sounds fantastic! (Minus the panchetta, only because I'm a vegetarian, but goat cheese is my favvv)!

    And those fruit skewers (previous post) are such a cute idea!

    linds.eliz@ 413

  2. YUMMY! I've just printed out your sister's recipe. Can't wait to make it!

  3. Oh Em Gee I love your blog already! I'll be parked on the couch reading old posts tonight! =)


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