Yummy Margaritas + Hanky Panky

Did you read too much into the title of this post?

Ladies, ladies -- I am talking about the lingerie brand, not a tequila-induced activity. 

Anyway, last night Ian and I celebrated Cinco de Mayo with margaritas (of course) which I fixed, and also with delicious fajitas and refried beans, which Ian fixed.  He used skirt steak, green peppers, and onions, and low-carb tortillas.  Girlfriend's gotta don a wedding dress this month, after all.  :)

Ian felt a little frou-frou when I told him that we were having mango margaritas, but after one sip he quickly changed his tune.

You see, they were made with the oh-so-fine Williams Sonoma mango margarita mix, Milagro silver tequila, and (just for good measure) a splash of lime-flavored sparkling water.  Okay, okay, I mainly put that in because it was a school night and I'd already had a heavy pour with the tequila.  On the rim was a mixture of salt and sugar ... very tasty.

I will say, however, that after the first margarita, Ian switched to the more manly Modelo.  :)

In other news, my beloved brand Hanky Panky is on sale at Rue La La!

Don't fall in love with this set below (like I did) because it's sold out.  Boo.

But these lovelies are still available!

And you know with Hanky Panky, the low rise are the best.  That's what I think, at least!

One more reminder: Hanky Panky undies are fabulous for lingerie showers because they are one size fits all ... so no worries of insulting the bride with huge ass panties.  Happy shopping and TGIF!  


  1. Can you puh-leeze make a margarita cookbook? I'm trying your grapefruit flavored this weekend, and need to come up with a reason to indulge in the mango ones this coming week :)
    I'm with you on the hanky-panky undies--they're the best, and so comfy. TGIF!!!

  2. Good to know! I'm hosting a bachelorette party in two weeks and decorating with lace and such ;) Thanks for sharing; I will be checking out their site!

  3. I ADORE Hanky Panky. It's all I wear now.

  4. Hehehe, that title cracked me up! The irony didn't dawn on me until you mentioned it. And, I have a bit of a Hanky Panky obsession..I was too busy studying to even think about the Rue La La sale yesterday though!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I was babysitting when I heard about the Rue La La sale, so I couldn't check it out--I was so upset! I have a bit of an obsession with Hanky Panky too!

  6. Love the post title, too clever! The margaritas look yummy :)


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