iPhone Help?

Remember way back when (okay, in June) when I made my Summer Bucket List?

Well.  I said something about getting an iPhone.

And I still haven't.

I know ... what is wrong with me?!

I think it's because I have the "if it ain't broke" philosophy.

My Blackberry works okay right now (although that spinning hourglass makes an appearance way too often and often prompts me to reset my phone, or else I just pull the battery out before even waiting for the prompt and reset it).  It has a cute pink cover I like.  It has pictures stored on it and I'm not sure if I'll be able to transfer them over to a new phone?  I don't really know the "card" people are talking about.  I nod & pretend like I do in discussions.

But then I see cute Instagram pictures.  And it was all over when I saw KAG's post at Monograms and Martinis post yesterday with the 8mm video camera app.  UGH.  MUST. GET. IPHONE.

Can you help me get one?
  • Which version should I get?
  • I'll be purchasing thru Verizon - does that change your answer?
  • About how much should I expect to pay?  (I am month-to-month now, not under contract)
  • Anything else I should know before purchasing?
Please.  Help a sister out.


  1. Don't do it! I just got an iPhone after having a Blackberry for almost five years and I hate it!

  2. I have a white iphone 4 through Verizon. I previously had a Blackberr Curve and I absolutely love my iphone!! It is a whole different world from the blackberry.

  3. I said I was going to get a Droid but still haven't done it either! I just can't do it!

  4. I have a BB for work and iPhone for personal use, and I adore my iphone. With that said, since you have been waiting for awhile, it may be worth it to wait another week until the iphone 5 comes out. I'd say def don't get anything older than the iphone 4 as the camera is MUCH better on the 4 vs 3g/3gs, and the older versions are quickly becoming more out of date. Even if you get the 4 vs the 5, I'd guess the prices may go down on the 4 after a newer version is released. I think it'd be worth it also to sign up for a contract--I''m not sure how it works for month to month, but with a new contract I believe the 4 was $200, and may be cheaper soon. Hope that helps! ;)

  5. I love my iPhone. I only got my first one earlier this year and now I don't know how I survived before it. I'm on AT&T so I don't know how much Verizon plans are, but I think for two of us our bill is around $120 total. I have the iPhone 3, because Bryan said I always break my phones and there was no sense in getting me a 4. Well, apparently he knows me way too well since I've shattered my screen once and just cracked it for the second time two days ago. Otterbox is a must. I've learned my lesson using a cute Tibi cover.

  6. I *LOVE* my iPhone too! I agree with Glitterista that you should wait until the new one comes out! With each version they get faster and better! Definitely get a good case for it too - I am a huge klutz and have dropped mine more times than I can count - I've broken a couple of cases, but never had a problem with my phone!

  7. Just wait until the iPhone 5 comes out in the next few weeks! THEN DO IT- you won't regret it! :)

  8. Do it! I am a big Mac person and I was an iPhone pioneer. I've had one since the first generation. I couldn't live without. Blackberry pales in comparison.

  9. I have the 4 through Verizon and I love it! It was such an improvement over my BlackBerry. I would never ever go back - just make sure to get the insurance. Its just a few more dollars a month and covers you should you ever do something like drop it in the lake or run over it!

  10. I'm going to do the switch-a-roo from BB to Iphone 5.

    I can help you get your pictures off your phone anytime my friend! Do you sink your phone with your computer now like you should be?! :) If you do, it's super easy to pull the pictures off.

  11. I always had a blackberry and loved them, but decided I needed something with a better navigation. I have my garmin, but sometimes it doesn't pick up roads or addresses when I'm somewhere really random. The Droid has the best navigation system on the market, which is ideal for a world class traveler such as yourself! Plus it takes amazing photos!!


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