Thursday Catch-Up: Brit-Brit, Traveling, Kate Spade, Sunnies

Whew, it is time for a much needed catch-up!  I've been all over the place and going a hundred miles an hour -- but having a lot of fun in the process.

This past Thursday night, I went to go see Britney Spears with Dee from Dee's Adventures.  Her friend hooked her up with amazing seats for us -- we were in a suite on the right side of the stage.  Dee and I met before the show at the Epicenter for some drinks at Enso, one of my favorite sushi restaurants, and then headed to the arena.

DJ Pauly D opened for Britney, and I do have to admit ... I was so excited to see him.  Jersey Shore is one of the few shows that Ian and I watch together (he is not a Housewives fan and I am not a Sportscenter fan!) and it's our guilty pleasure.

And then it was almost time to see Ms. Spears!  I'd seen her in 2004 on her Onyx Hotel tour and loved the show.  I was so excited to see this one.

Of course it was an insanely crazy production with lots of fun acrobatics and props.  Can I be honest though?  I think Britney has lost some of her mojo as far as her dancing goes -- many of the back-up dancers were easily outshining her.  But she has a hard job of dancing and singing simultaneously.  OH WAIT!  She lip syncs.  Hmmmmm.....

I'll forgive her though.  She's a working mama and she hasn't gone bat-you-know-what crazy in the recent times.  No head-shaving antics or barefoot bathroom visits that are fresh on my brain!

Dee did a great wrap-up of the concert in this post if you want to see more pictures and hear more details!

This week in Greenville, SC, I had the BEST. LUNCH.

It was at Soby's on the Side in the pretty downtown area.

A scoop of chicken salad, hummus and pita chips, and Thai watermelon salad.  I could eat a lunch like this every day for the rest of my life!

After lunch, I went to my college campus to pout because I'm no longer a student  visit the bookstore and reminisce.  You've maybe heard how beautiful Furman University is, and it's true!  The rose garden below has rose bushes that are 8 feet tall.  Incredible.

Sometimes when I was walking through the rose garden as a student, the gardener would snip a rose and give it to me.  Such sweet memories.

This lake has a great walking/running trail around it that was such a great way to start or end the day.

And the trusty Bell Tower of Furman.  Legend has it that if you kiss a girl under the tower, you'll marry her!  And if you're wondering, yes, I totally made Ian kiss me underneath it a few years back without letting him in on that superstition.  :)  He was the only guy who ever kissed me there.

I spent Tuesday night with my sister Laura and she cooked Indian food for us -- chicken tikka masala, roasted root veggies, and garlic naan with raita.  YA'LL .... this girl can cook.  It was divine.

I brought Laura and her fiance T. a bottle of rosé (Laura's favorite) for a housewarming gift, and we enjoyed it with dinner.

And speaking of Laura, she has pretty Kate Spade sunglasses that I've always loved.  Well, I dipped into Haywood Mall in Greenville and stopped into an old college favorite, Charlotte Russe.  Lo and behold, they had a knock-off of these KS sunglasses for only $5.50!  Yep, they came home with me.  No-brainer.

Kissy-faces make self-portraits a little less awkward

FYI - I was at stoplights when I took these pics (Mom)

I know they are huge and (as my friend Kerry would say) "fussy", but sometimes you just want to have sunglasses that are huge and fussy.  I have other sunglasses that are more classic styles -- my BR aviators and my Coach black sunglasses.

Do I feel guilty about ripping off Kate Spade?  Not so much.  She and I have beef right now.  I purchased the most fabulous date-night purse at her sample sale on Tuesday morning and was so excited to receive it.  But the only thing that I did receive came this morning at 4:42am ... a notice that they cancelled my order.  They must have oversold it, and yours truly got the boot!  What's up with that?!

Anyone else score a Kate Spade handbag from the sample sale or receive a cancellation notice?


  1. Mmm...all that food looks so yummy & fresh!

  2. I love your sunnies. LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! They are NOT too big.. they look perfect on you. The gold trim is divine!

  3. Glad you had a nice trip to Greenville! Going back and seeing those college days are great. Love the fact you kissed Ian there...little did he know how special that kiss was!

  4. You look stunning in your outfit to Brit's concert, which looks awesome in all of the pictures you took. You went to school at Furman? My sister works for Kappa, traveled there earlier in the year and fell in love. She said she would move there in a heartbeat if a job position was available. XO

  5. I bet Britney was a blast...loving your concert color combo! That’s too bad about the Kate Spade! I am having similar issues with Elizabeth McKay. I ordered a shirt last Thursday and they haven’t even responded to my email to confirm it’s’s been 7 days! At least Kate Spade emailed you. Sorry about my little rant. Happy September! xx

  6. Your too cute! love the sunglasses and you got some GREAT britney shots! I agree with you on her slack dance moves.

  7. i love indian food that looks amazing and what a fun time at the concert! bummer about the cancellation order how much does that suck?

  8. Mmmm I'm a BIG Indian food fan! Yours looked great! And super cute sunglasses!

  9. There is no such thing as sunglasses that are too big. And that SUCKS about the kate spade bag... :( I would be disappointed too. Happy THURSDAY!

  10. Your Britney pictures turned out great! So fun!
    Have a great weekend! sorry about Kate Spade :(

  11. i love your brit brit pictures, that lunch looks AMAZING, your college campus is GORG and i love your sunglasses too :)

  12. Agreed with Brit's dancing. What happened to her choreography?! It used to be AMAZING!

    Also - LOVING that you found glasses at Charlotte Russe. lol

  13. Love it all! I always think it is so fun to go back to my alma mater :) I love the story about the gardner clipping a rose for you, and about the kiss superstition! so fun! :)

  14. Love the pictures! Call Kate Spade customer service. They are extremely nice and will get you your bag!


  15. The concert looks so fun! And sorry about your bag. I was excited to see which on you got. Boo. :(


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