Gas Station Wine and Hotel Lobby Beautifying

I wish I could say that we woke up "bright and early" on Saturday to head to Greenville, NC for a football game, but really, it was just dark and early.

Is it just me, or can you not WAIT to switch our clocks back an hour?!

So ECU, Ian's alma mater, was playing Chapel Hill in football, and they got the mess beat out of them.  But thank goodness football weekends are largely about tailgating.  The score of the game, to me, is not as important.  :)

On the drive up, Lindsay and I found something new and fun at a gas station stop --

Copa di Vino ... plastic cups of wine in the gas station fridge! No lie.  Just peel off the foil top and sip.  We couldn't resist picking up a few, as they are perfect for tailgating!

After a mix-up with the check-in time at the hotel, we all had to get ready in the hotel lobby restroom.  Not the best case scenario, but it made for a few laughs.  The ECU football team was staying at our hotel and they all had extended check-out times of 6pm.  The hotel didn't even communicate this to everyone coming in for a typical 3pm check-in!  Lindsay and I had our makeup spread out on the hotel bathroom sink and just made the best of it.

And ... life is about simple pleasures I guess, but I LOVE wearing my little cheek tattoo stickers to games.  Ian even surprised me this trip with some new ones to sport.

We tailgated next to a hearse ... yes, you read that right!  It had been painted purple and completely decked out ECU-style.  The inside upholstry was purple velvet.  It had us laughing.

And then it was about time to make our way into the stadium!

ECU never disappoints with their exciting entrance out of the skull with purple smoke and Purple Haze blasting.

Yesterday after getting home, Ian and I decorated our house for Halloween.  It's one of our favorite holidays and we really had a fun time getting the house and yard spruced up.  I'll be posting pics soon ... after making another stop today for faux tombstones!


  1. I was sad we lost, but it was so much fun! Looks like you sat on the opposite side of the stadium from me. I love the sticker face tattoos too! I got some of the state logo with the skull in it that I wore saturday from UBE.

  2. definitely fun times getting ready in public restrooms! ha! Unfortunately Hubby & I have had to do this for a wedding...NOT FUN!

  3. Haha those wine cups at the gas station are hilarious! I'll have to look for them here! Show us picks of your Halloween decorations!

  4. I'm with you, the tailgating is the best part!

  5. those wine glass minis are incredible...even cooler that you can buy them in a gas station--who knew???

  6. Can't wait to see all the decorations! It sounds like you had a great weekend!

  7. What a fun adventure--you looked gorgeous, despite using the public bathroom as your vanity! How was the gas station wine?

  8. Wait, what??? You want to switch your clocks back an hour?? Girl, you crazy! The best part of Spring is moving my clocks forward an hour, and not having to leave office in the dark every day. You early risers are freaky.

  9. Those wine cups better make their way up North!! Awesome find!!

  10. I can't wait to be your friend!

  11. I'm with you, the tailgating is the best part!


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