If I Were Shopping ...

Don't worry, I'm not already backing out on my vow of not shopping this month for myself.  I'm really not!

But all I'm saying is this.

I'd have my little hands all over this number if I could.

Between cheering on the Furman Paladins (my alma mater) or the ECU Pirates (Ian's), I'd get a ton of use out of this.  All snuggled up in the stands trying to deciper what down the guys were on ... or if we even had our offense or defense team on the field ... or if I just yelled and clapped for the wrong team ... at least I would look CUTE.

Can you tell I am from a family of 3 girls?  And that I never watched football with Dad?  And that I never was a cheerleader?

Ruffles.  Love.  Need.

One more thing about fall football games.  Just a silly little anecdote.  Furman was a dry campus until my senior year {shudder}.  Even then, football games just weren't a big boozefest.  In fact, I can truly say that I never slyly poured a minibottle of whiskey in a stadium cup holding Diet Coke until after I graduated college.  Seriously!  Instead we sat in the stands, jangled our keys in the air at each kickoff, and munched on sliced apples covered in piping hot caramel.  My sweet, innocent school.  :)


  1. Love this, especially the ruffle detail!

  2. Love the color of that wrap - it looks soo cozy and warm!

  3. o0o0 I love it... you win the award for best stand style! Always look fab at games.


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