Life Catch-Up

Where I Currently Am:
Hampton Inn in Charleston, WV

What I Had For Dinner Tonight:
A panini from Panera.  Snuck it and a bottle of water into the movie theater.  (Remember when I told you that I love going to movies alone?)  And is it just me, or is the nutritional information on the menu at Panera simply frightening?!  Don't get me wrong; I think more restaurants should do this, but dang -- it's a downright buzzkill when you go in craving something and then realize it'll set you back 960 calories.

What I've Been Reading On Flights:
Bossypants by Tina Fey, Real Simple magazine (favorite)

What Made Me Cry This Week:
We said goodbye to one of our family's beloved cats, Inky.  She lived a solid 18.5 years ... and was loved and adored every second of it. 

What Made Me Laugh This Week:
The hideous and obnoxious electric blue Mustang that was given to me as a rental car.  People actually stared.  Oh, and that picture of my husband from yesterday's post.  And the girl who tried to sneak the half-gallon of sweet tea through airport security in Charlotte on Tuesday.

What I Pinned This Week That I Love:
This beaut -

What Makes Football Okay This Week (and every week in October!):
Pink is everywhere.  Even at the game this past Sunday we all wore pink ribbons.

What I Accomplished This Week:
I got my flu shot.  I roasted a turkey and it was delicious.  I still haven't bought any clothes, shoes, or accessories for myself this entire month, so the shopping freeze is going well.

What I Did Buy This Week:
An iPhone.  Finally.  So I can stop complaining about my Blackberry hourglassing all of the time!  And all I have to say is this ... I am obsessed.  Truly, madly, deeply.  And no, I don't think I broke my no shopping goal on this one -- it was a necessity.  My Blackberry was truly on its last legs, to the point of having to be reset a few times each day. 

What I'm Looking Forward To This Week:
Escaping to the mountains with my husband and a few more couples this weekend to celebrate his birthday!  Bring on the fall weather, orange leaves, fun autumn drinks, smoked trout, hot tub, and board games!


  1. So, jealous of the mountain trip!! We're driving through there headed to Rocky Top for the LSU game! that doorway!

  2. I also love/hate panera nutrition facts. Have so much fun in the mountains this weekend!

  3. The Panera nutrition facts certainly are an eye-opener! yikes!

    have a great time in the mountains...I'm sure it will be beautiful!

  4. i totally agree about panera...i have an app on my iphone (that you can get now!!) that shows you resaurants menus with all the nutrition info--genious!

  5. I have changed what I order at Panera now that the calories on the menu! Who knew that the tomato soup would have the most calories!

  6. Loving this formatting / theme idea here! May have to borrow sometime, hope you don't mind!

    And yes, it's such a downer when you realize the meal you want is astronomically out of control calorie-wise. And double worse when you legitimately thought it was a healthy choice!

    Safe travels!

  7. I totally understand the movie thing! I love going alone and sitting by myself on the very back row, eating my own popcorn : ) Adam pre-ordered our iPhone 4s last Friday! I've been a Blackberry girl for years, but I am so excited about getting an iPhone. I'll miss the keypad though.

    And, that turkey looks amazing! Go you!

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  9. YAY for your iPhone! I am tracking the FedEx truck that has my iPhone on it. Looks like you have a great weekend ahead! Enjoy and take lots of pictures :)

  10. I will be at that same Hampton Inn in Charleston next week. I am hoping there is something else to eat other than Panera, though!!

  11. Aren't you sooo happy you got an iPhone!!! Life changing.

  12. So envious you are going to all these Panthers games! I love them!! and I love that they are wearing so much pink and really embracing it!


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