A Little Here, A Little There: Life Update

File this one under the "random musings" category:

Life Update 1:
Ian and I are still having a blast decorating for Halloween.  We have a shared love for the holiday and this is our first time of having a house to spook out.  I've been taking some pics here & there and can't wait to post them.  Last night we switched out our front porch light for an eerie purple light.  We also made some ghosts and hot-glued some moss to some tombstones.  It was Ian's first time of using hot glue.  {Hilarious}

Halloween decor via Martha Stewart (wish it were my home)

Life Update 2:
The no-shopping month has been going well so far.  Ian and I did purchase a few Halloween items from our joint account for our home, but I haven't at all been tempted to buy anything for myself from my own checking account.  And it's not that I was a crazy shopper in the first place with an out-of-control spending habit.  But during my lunch breaks, it wasn't uncommon for me to pick up a little thing here or there for myself. 

Life Update 3:
Happy birthday to one of my nearest and dearest, Ashley!  The big 3-0!

On my wedding day -- birthday girl is on the far left

Life Update 4:
When running errands during lunch yesterday, a car with teenage boys in it completely pulled out in front of me without even looking my way (I was going straight to exit a parking lot, he came down one of the parking lot rows going REALLY fast and took a right turn into the lane I was coming down, completely cutting me off).  The guys were oblivious to the fact that I was there.  I braked quickly and honked my horn once just to let them know that it was not a cool move, and then luck had it that I needed to get in a turning lane that put me right next to them.  I looked over to give them a look like "Dude, really? You have to be careful" and the guy in the passenger seat was leaning out of his window towards me flipping me off.  And he was laughing about it.  Is this the quality of teenagers that are being bred?!  Not to sound old and cranky, but with fools on the road like that, it's just not safe!

Life Update 5:
Ian and I found the Coffeemate Pumpkin Spice creamer at our grocery store last night -- and I was so excited!  It's the small things, people.

Life Update 6:
Pinterest has become a lot of fun for me lately.  (Follow me!) I got a lovely invite to join from my sister along with the message, "Join bia."  That's what sisters are for.  :)  And thanks to trolling that site, now it's got me trying to figure out how to do this to my hair:

Life Update 7:
After a teeny 2-week break from traveling, I'll start packing my bags again soon.  Travel for me will be weekly and it will last through Thanksgiving.  My next travels are to Jacksonville FL, Charleston WV, and Charleston SC.

I know this post was all over the board, but such is life!  Ciao!


  1. Obviously I will follow you on Pinterest. Do you follow ADPi? I wish I could bake just to make some of those cupcakes.

  2. Newest Pinterest follower! I found the Pumpkin Spice Creamer at Harris Teeter last week and about jumped up and down!

  3. LOVE that creamer! YUM. Also, I love that you changed your front porch light! So Halloweeny!

  4. Thanks for the shout-out BIA BIA!

  5. Yay Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer!!! And boo about those teenagers. Really, parents need to teach their children to act better.

  6. Ohh I'll have to look for that creamer! Oh, and I'm obsessed with Pinterest right now. I'll look for you! :)

  7. Thanks for the life updates! I've been blogging MIA so it was good to catch up on April's life :)

  8. PUMPKIN SPICE CREAMER????? you have to be kidding me. i officially am leaving europe and heading back to america. this is NOT fair!


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