Oysters, Pumpkin Pancakes, and Gold Chains

I was a little bit absent this past week, but this is what I was up to:

Cheese fries.  Yes, not any ol' cheese fries, but hot crunchy fries at MJ's Raw Bar & Grill in New Bern, NC.  Hot crunchy fries covered in hot crab dip, melted cheese, and bacon. 

Can you blame me for being absent?  I was in a food coma!

And of course we had oysters.  Raw, yummy oysters.

We ate them "Rooster" style where you stack a saltine with the oyster (I dipped mine in butter first), horseradish, cocktail sauce, Tabasco, and a jalapeno slice.  And a squirt of lemon.  Spicy and TDF.

New Bern was quaint and cute as always.  Here's the view from my hotel room.  Pretty, right?!

It was a great trip but I loved returning home yesterday evening.  Ian and I watched American Horror Story (anyone watching it?!  It's freaky ... and it sucks you in!) and had Moe's.  Fancy.  :)

This morning, after sleeping in til 9, I made us pumpkin pancakes topped with honeycrisp apple slices and a little shake of pumpkin pie spice.  They were delish!

Today we just ran a lot of errands and got the last-minute details of our Halloween costumes wrapped up for a party tonight.  Any guesses at what I'll be?  I might post some clues on Twitter, so follow me - @alizadventures.  :)

I came home to find a package at the door ... look at who it was from!

Yes, my books from Dr. Laura Berman that she told me she would send me (wrap-up of that fun story in this post).

All I have to say is that my husband is walking around the house now in a bathrobe and a gold chain right now.  Thank goodness it's part of his Halloween costume.  Time for me to go get changed into mine!


  1. My husband and I are also watching American Horror Story! It's soo freaking creepy but it totally sucks you in!

  2. dyyying for your costume reveal!

    PS - I will need your pumpkin pancakes recipe!

  3. Two things: 1. Those fries look amazing! Now I'm craving some, it's been so long since I've had cheese fries!! 2. Pumpkin pancakes are such a great idea!! Sounds delicious!

  4. I think I am following you... I am headed to the the New Bern area today.

  5. Okay I'm going out on a total limb here and guessing that you will be Snookie! The gold chain just HAS to be a JS reference.

    Or maybe I'm guessing that b/c I was the Snooks on Friday night for a party.

    Can't wait to see!

  6. i love anything with cheese and bacon. even if it's JUST cheese and bacon.

  7. Oh gosh those fries look so good!


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