Baked < Fried

Sunday night, we felt like a little splurge for dinner.  I'd originally planned to do blackened fish tacos that were baked and then flaked, but then we started talking about how amazing fried fish tacos would be.

So there it was.  Decision made.

And man, they were so delicious!  Worth every single glorious fried calorie.

To start off, I made a beer batter which is just a simple mixture of one cup all purpose flour and one cup beer.  Add a pinch or two of salt to the mixture.  Whisk together until it is clump-free.

Step two is quite important.
Pour the rest of the beer into a tiny glass and enjoy with a lime wedge.

My beer of choice is Imperial, which I enjoyed maybe a little too much while doing my study abroad for winter semester in Costa Rica. 

Next, you'll cut your fish into bite-sized pieces.  We used just one filet of fish to feed us both. 

Begin heating your oil.  I used our Le Creuset dutch oven because I didn't want to pull out our deep fryer.  A definite quality piece.

While the oil was heating, I made the white sauce.  For this, I mixed together the following:
  • Reduced fat sour cream
  • Light mayo
  • Juice of 1/2 lime
  • Cumin
  • Salt + pepper

The pieces of fish got a good dunking in the beer batter mixture and then into the hot oil they went.  Cook until golden brown.

When done, dry on a paper towel.

I also put our small tortillas under the broiler for a bit just to crisp them up.  A few fried pieces of fish in each, some refried beans, and a lime wedge ... almost all set!  Now time to accessorize the fish tacos.

We topped ours with sliced cabbage, some white onion slices, and a nice bit of that white sauce.  My, oh my.

The fried fish had the perfect crunch, and the beer batter was fluffy and flavorful.  It was such an easy and delicious meal, and one that will make the Sunday rotation again soon.

PS - This site has the Le Creuset Dutch Oven in Dune on sale with free shipping now.  I absolutely love mine, and the neutral color is timeless.  It's a nice kitchen splurge that is a classic piece.  We'll have it forever!


  1. This looks amazing! I have a fish taco recipe that I use but it's a little complex. This seems like a great thing to try next time! What kind of fish did you use? I have some mahi-mahi that needs some lovin'! (P.S. Do they sell beer in singles? I know, I'm awful....)

  2. i'm not a fan of friend foods (the oil gets me sick) - the blacked one's u talked about would of been RIGHT up my ally - look yummy tho!

  3. Fish tacos are a must here...I usually go for a seared tuna but every now and then fried fish is just amazing! We have the same Dutch oven it's an awesome kitchen addition!

  4. OH MY! YUM! I loooove fish tacos and these look unbelievable! If you want to splurge even MORE, use Pillsbury Buttermilk biscuits for taco shells. I know it sounds crazy, but the recipe is award-winning and we LOVE them. You HAVE to try it.

  5. that is a splurge but looks delish!

  6. Seriously, sometimes you just need a little something fried. I do begin to crave it sometimes-sooo badly. These look yum. Can you please come make them for me tonight so I don't have to cook? I've missed you, friend!

  7. You got me! When I first started reading, I thought, oh goodness, she's going to use the deep fryer - which I don't have - and therefore, I can't make these. But alas! I can't live without my Le Creuset dutch oven (we're original orange people!) in the kitchen and I can totally see myself making this! Good call. My only problem is I'll probably triple the white sauce. MMmmmmm.

  8. My mouth is WATERING! They look relatively simple and SO good. Defintiely on the menu for this weekend :)

  9. I usually don't eat fish, but these look really good. The fish make it sound a little bit lighter too, which is good since it's still hot out. What type of fish did you use?

    Also, your batter and sauce look really good. I'm definitely goign to be using your recipe for the sauce, next time I make tacos. I've tried making batter before, but it hasn't really worked out like I would like. Would you use the same type of batter on fried chicken?


  10. J makes a fried fish taco recipe very similar to this and I LOVE it. We haven't had it lately and I'm thinking it might need to be on next week's meal rotation!!

  11. I was thinking while I was reading, 'the best part of beer batter is that you get to drink the rest of the beer' and then you beat me to it!

    Also I have a similar dutch oven and it is a gem and a necessity in the kitchen!

  12. That looks sooooo yummy (and easy, too!) And, I have that exact dutch oven...twinsies!

  13. I want this for dinner! Looks so good! Your cooking skills ad impressive.

  14. oh my goodness! these look absolutely delicious!

  15. This look amazing! I want a Le Creuset Dutch Oven so bad!

  16. I love fried fish tacos - have you ever tried purple/red cabbage though? And maybe some Sriracha sauce. And shredded carrot? I am such a bitch when all of those things are on one plate. M knows to not come near me as I am in food swooning heaven!


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