Menu Monday & The L-Bomb

I am back from a wonderful bachelorette weekend in Savannah for my youngest sister Laura!  We had a truly marvelous time, and I can't wait to share a recap.

After getting home at 6pm last night, I didn't really feel like putting together the week's meal plan and heading to the grocery store ... but I reminded myself how simple it makes my weeknights to already have a menu in place and all ingredients in the fridge.  To the grocery store I went.

Last week, I only had to plan meals for us for Monday and Wednesday.  Tuesday is when I had my blogger date, and Thursday I had Supper Club.  This made meal planning extremely easy!

Monday Menu:
Fish Tagine
Sauteed fresh green beans with olive oil, red pepper flakes, and kosher salt
Grilled avocados {yes, again} with mexican cheese blend and oregano -- also broiled this time

This fish dish is one of our absolute favorites.  The sauce you see on it is made from tomatoes, capers, cinnamon, and cumin.  The exotic taste of it is out of this world.

And yes, we are obsessed with the avocado side dish.  And yes, it's on the menu this week too.  :)

Wednesday Menu:
Chicken with Goat Cheese Vinaigrette
Zucchini Cakes with ranch for dipping

The chicken idea came from a page from Real Simple magazine that I tore out and saved in my recipe binder (they have the best monthly feature where they take a normal food -- i.e., shrimp, a mango, or in this case, chicken -- and then show several variations how to prepare it).  I thought this recipe sounded right up our alley.  I omitted the orzo since we already had breadcrumbs in the side dish, and next time I think I'll reduce the amount of olive oil to maybe just 1/4 cup.

The zucchini cakes were a Pinterest find, and man oh man, I'm so glad I pinned this recipe.  They were absolutely, positively deeeeeeeeeee-vine. 

Here are the zucchini cakes before going in to the saute pan:

And here's the chicken:

Ta-daaaaaa, the finished dinner plate:

Ian tried the zucchini cakes first.  He set down his fork, turned to me, and dropped the L-bomb.  He said "April, I LOVE THIS RECIPE." 

The chicken got the exact same reaction.  I loved the simple salt & pepper seasoning on the chicken combined with the soft but tangy goat cheese (I used the kind that comes in a small log coated with herbs).  The fresh parsley in the vinaigrette is home-grown.

No doubt, both of these meals will be repeated!

I'm linking up with Rachel of In No Simple Language for her Menu Monday series.

What's on the dinner menu for you tonight?


  1. Wow, both dishes sound wonderful! Goat cheese is a favorite in our house so I'll have to give that recipe a try!

  2. YUM! Zucchini cakes are one of our favorites, too!

  3. Goat cheese is one of mine and my hubby's absolute favorite! Will have to try that recipe very, very soon!

  4. Yummy! Thanks for the ideas.

  5. Those zucchini cakes look positively divine. Right up my alley. Planning ahead a menu is tough but so worth it, especially so you don't make a nightly trip to the grocery store! :)

  6. I haven't had an appetite in three weeks, but that looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. thanks for sharing this link-up! i joined in a day late :)

  8. those zucchini cakes look so delicious. i'm definitely going to have to try them!

  9. Definitely bookmarking this zucchini recipe! That looks delish!

  10. You are so awesome. 3 nights a week I am alone for dinner as M does brazilian jiu-jitsu and thai kickboxing so I know he would never eat these cakes or goat cheese anything so YAYY selfish good dinner for me!


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