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When I purchased my Kindle -- oh wait. Let me start again...

When I decided to steal Ian's Kindle and permanently make it mine forever and ever and ever, we were very close to our wedding weekend and honeymoon.  I grabbed the first Kindle cover I could find in time for our departure to the Dominican Republic. 

The non-fancy cover I have is white neoprene with a zipper at top.  Very utilitarian.  I do like that it is stretchy and can hold the charge cord as well as other random items (torn out magazine pages, keys, phone, license + debit card, room key, lipstick -- they have all made an appearance from time to time in that cover).  But now I'm thinking it's time to trade it in for something a little more stylish.

In addition to being pretty, I'd still like to have a cover that does have some storage capacity.  And did I mention that I'd like for it to be pretty?
Do you have a great source for a Kindle cover?  Please do share!
And speaking of Kindles -- what are you reading now?


  1. I have a bright coral cover for my kindle that I got at Target and I love it. I'm reading Major Pettigrew's Last Stand right now!

  2. I have the same neoprean case but mine is black. my inlaws bought it for me when they got me the kindle fire last christmas. It does its job but I am ready for an upgrade

  3. I really like the blue one you have pictured.

    I don't have a kindle or a nook, but either are on my wishlist. It would be so nice to carry multiple books with me wherever I go.

    If there is one near you, I was at a Wilsons Leather outlet while on vacation awhile ago, and they had some very nice covers for less than $25 (on sale/ I think 60% off).


  4. My Kindle cover doesn't have any storage, but I would love one that does! Right now I'm reading Jodi Picoult's Vanishing Act. I just read Gone Girl (MUST READ) and On the Island by Tracey Garvis-Graves.

  5. My Kindle cover with a light was making my Kindle freeze up - so weird. So I haven't been using a cover recently. I recently finished Where'd You Go Bernadette, which despite its clunky title, is a funny and fascinating story.

  6. love them all! especially that graphic image one! ps - you can buy it locally at Paper Twist in the specialty shops at southpark!

  7. I love that ikat one! I don't have a kindle but I would love to have one. Maybe Christmas... :)

  8. Just finished Gone Girl an while I didn't love the ending it was a fabulous read overall, very addicting!!

  9. In the middle of reading Wild. I love it! I also just finished reading MWF Seeking BFF and found her to be adorable. Definitely a must read.

  10. I currently have a Dodo case on my Kindle that I picked up from J. Crew. It's super cute navy blue and coral, but doesn't have any storage. I'm still reading light summer books - currently one by Robyn Carr (can't think of the name).

  11. @Sweet Carolina - I just finished that book too. The ending was HORRIBLEEEEEEEEE. Awful awful awful!

    I have the boring black basic cover. I don't want it to stand out when I read at work, haha.

  12. I bought a super cute one off of Etsy...

    It looks like a little clutch, complete with a kisslock clasp. There are some pre-made color combinations but I customized mine. She will make them for any size kindle. I have the most basic one and it still has plenty of room in it for my light and cord. Best part is that when you carry it, it just looks like a super cute clutch.


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