Saturday Sip & Shop V

It's almost that time of year when our basil plants go kaput.
May as well send them out in style!


Source: via April on Pinterest

Tory Burch Resin Band Bangle
I've found myself loving orange more and more.
Combined with the wood texture, this orange resin bangle is perfection.
On sale for $101.50 through the above link.


  1. HIIII!!!

    I love basil. It is delicious. I bring it inside before the first frost and put it in front of a window that gets the most sun during the heat of the day. That sometimes works all winter! Otherwise, I pinch all of the good bits off, dry some or keep some fresh in water in the frigo!

    Also, cocktails are amazeballs. So why not.

    And I love that bracelet. Even though Tory Burch makes me mad!! I don't like her stuff so much anymore on principle. Boo.

  2. My friend actually made that spritzer for her cocktail party this past Friday and it was such a huge hit and delish. xo


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