{Why I Truly Need} The J. Crew Herringbone Vest

So, I've had my eye on a vest.
And I'm thinking it may be a good Christmas list addition.
It's the one I blogged about Saturday!

At $138, it's not uber-expensive ... but I still want to make sure I get my money's worth from it.  So I did a little bit of playing around.  and here's what I came up with.

J. Crew Herringbone Vest

This reminds me of the old "Choose Your Adventure" books ... who used to love those like I did?!

We'll start here:

Vest: J. Crew Excursion Quilted Vest in Herringbone

And then you choose your own adventure...

Look 1:
J. Crew Toothpick Jean in Vibrant Fuschia (pastels on sale here now too)
Marc Jacobs Riding Boots
Juicy Couture Pretty Little Gems Gemstone Bracelet
Honora Pearl Stud Earrings

Look 2:
Hudson Signature Bootcut Jeans
Steve Madden Studly Loafer: Gold (okay, now these are fun)
Tory Burch Maya Cuff
Tory Burch Rylan Stud Earrings

Look 3:
J. Crew Minnie Pant in Boulevard Green (these fit so well)
Ann Taylor Blake Patent Bow Suede Flats
Gag & Lou Black and Gold Bracelet
Michael Kors Tortoise Watch (this was my Christmas gift from Ian last year!)

So are we all reaching the same consensus ... versatile, versatile, versatile? 
Glad that's settled!

Which look is most your style, look 1, 2, or 3?

(PS - Thanksgiving recap coming soon, whenever Blogger allows me to start uploading photos again.  Seems many of us have reached our limit at the same time ... hmm, sounds fishy to me!)


  1. Ohhhh I love it! Now I want my own J. Crew Herringbone Vest!

  2. It's a very cute vest! Definitely put it on your list! :)

    Look 2 is probably closest to what I would wear. Although, I'm really liking look 1 as well. I don't own skinny jeans, much less in color, but I've been eyeing a couple of pairs. I think I might buy some soon but maybe in a darker color and something a little less eye catching than hot pink!


  3. I too have been eyeing this puppy, wouldn't it look fab with a pink or black monogram?! I love all three outfits (hot pink jeans?! SWOON!) However look three is SO me...right down to the fancy lady bow flats! I put a good word in with Santa for you ;)

  4. I loved this vest too until I saw it in person. Did you know it isn't actually herringbone, but rather just a print?! I was totally disappointed, because I couldn't justify spending that kind of money for something that won't fit me until next year that wasn't real - boo hoo!!

  5. I have been looking at that vest for WEEKS!! I keep adding it to my shopping cart then I think, man my hubby will kill me if I spend that much! I would totally wear it all the time, or at least until my belly gets too big. Even then I can leave it open!

  6. I want that so bad too! I want to buy for myself but I feel guilty.

  7. I love, love that vest and am actually considering it for my list. I may not be able to zip it in January but its the perfect casual/polished look!

  8. I love them all, but Look 3 is definitely my favorite! I think I might have to get those bow flats!

  9. too too cute! get it!

    i love look #3!

  10. I hope you sent this to your hubby so he can see that you absolutely need it! I think look #3 is my fav!

  11. Love that vest ! I made the husband order me one for Christmas today haha !!! (and it's 30% off and free shipping right now !!!)
    The look 3 is definitely more me, a mix of feminine and more casual 1 Love those shoes !
    My Blog - A Pretty Nest

  12. I love that vest! I have it in the plain khaki color and love layering with it. I think look 3 is my favorite but I always adore hunter green and black! Great outfits.

  13. Dude, it's on sale for $96.60 right now + free shipping! PLUS almost $6 back from Ebates. Do it. :)

  14. AWESOME outfits! Get the vest!!!

  15. How cute! I can definitely see you wearing this. I am probably more of a look #1 girl. I love pink and pearls!

  16. I'm definitely #3 (love the green minnies). And psst...all outerwear is 30% off right now, which brings the herringbone vest down to $96!!

  17. I bought this vest last weekend--JCrew had 25% off & 30% off when using JCrew card. They were out of the small in the store, so i had to order--it should be here tomorrow. I love it with the pink jeans!

  18. Look #2. All are cute but I like the plain jeans best. I'm considering buying the hot pink puffer vest they are selling right now but am also having a hard time justifying the purchase (especially w/ Xmas around the corner).

  19. did you see that this vest was on sale yesterday only for $98! I clicked on it yesterday all excited and came back today to buy it and its at the original price again!
    darn it!


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