Our Holiday Home

I must have been a good girl this year ... Santa brought me a new big daddy camera!

My Christmas wishlist mentioned this desire, and apparently Santa reads my blog. 

{Either that, or the fact that I emailed my husband with the exact link to Adorama and the camera I wanted.}

With my new camera, I captured some shots around our holiday-decorated home.  It wasn't until I started uploading these that I realized that I have a leeeetle more work to do on my focusing ... so please excuse.  :)

Without further ado, here are a few glimpses from our home this Christmas.

Our pretty tree! 

This is the first year that we went faux.  It took a little convincing for me, but after our "pros" list outweighed the "cons" list, we pulled the trigger and got a Martha Stewart line tree from Home Depot.  We'll use it until our future bambino(s) are at a good age to go to a Christmas tree farm and remember it.  Then, it's time for a real tree again.

This is probably my favorite ornament -- a yellow glass bird with a wild plume of feathers for the tail.

Orange tassel found on after-Christmas clearance last year at World Market.

Another favorite, a glass mermaid from a previous Christmas trip to Southport, North Carolina.

This year we debuted our gorgeous new stockings on our mantle -- even a small one for Drake!  Mom made these for me and I'm going to get them monogrammed for us this year.

On our mantle, I have a gold leaf garland (Michaels), gold deer (Target), and red berries (Dollar Tree) added to our hurricane candle holders (Pottery Barn).

This ornament tree houses my Swarovski ornaments, which I collect each year.  My first ornament is from 2002, and I've got one for every year since.

So there you have it!

I was thrilled to have some of our holiday decor photos featured on The Enchanted Home.  Tina showcased tons of beautiful holiday photos -- click here to see the mega post and some really beautiful and inspiring photos.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.


  1. PLEASE tell me you made your beautiful bows with your bowdabra!!!!!! I still use mine! :-)

  2. It all looks gorgeous!!! Yay for a new real deal camera!

  3. YAY for a new camera! I think your pictures already look great!

    I love all your christmas trees throughout the house! And I had no idea Swarovski even made Christmas ornaments. What a great collection!

    Happy New Year, friend! xo

  4. Happy fun with your new camera! Can't wait to see all the great photos you will take:)

  5. Love it all! I especially love all the little trees around the house. Email me the deets on that camera for sure! Happy New Year!

  6. i want one of those 'big daddy cameras' - BAD - no one ever gets the "hint" tho - bah-humbug -- but LOVE ur decor babes! - happy new year!

  7. You have such a gorgeous home I love how you decorated for Christmas. xx

  8. Beautiful Christmas decor! I love how you have all your frames displayed on the table!

  9. Seriously love your beautiful home! I'm hoping that SOMEONE will get the hint about a nice big camera, especially since we saw so many pretty old houses and barns on the way to his granny's house in Aiken! I'd love to take pictures of abandoned buildings! (Okay I've gone on a tangent, but I reeeeeeally want it!)

  10. April, you have such a lovely home! I love the Swarovski ornaments. :)


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