Red Or Orange?

Normally, if you were to ask me if I would prefer to wear red or orange, I'd choose RED.  But recently I proudly went orange ... for the Clemson v. NC State game, that is!

Being from Columbia (home of the USC Gamecocks), garnet and black are the dominant colors.  We all cheered for the Gamecocks until the youngest sister decided to go to college at USC's main rival, Clemson.  I became a bit of a Tiger at that point.  And then when she met -- and married -- a fellow Tiger, it was all over.  I'm now a Clemson fan.  Only took about 28 years to happen.

For the recent Clemson game against NC State, Ian and I headed to Greenville, where Laura and her husband had arranged a private bus to take us to Clemson.  It's about 45 minutes away, so this was such a wonderful idea.  The dads -- ours and Laura's father-in-law -- are both NC State grads, so they wore their red with pride.

The bus ride was so much fun.  We all chatted and sipped mimosas while Mom played her favorite rap songs (true story).

I assure you, Laura's not 6 mimosas deep in the above photo -- it was taken while she was passing out the cups.

We arrived on campus and staked out our tailgating spot.  Only the guys had tickets to the actual game, but I got in the spirit by getting a big tiger paw painted on my face.  This sweet little guy was doing face painting for $1 ... and what can I say, I'm a sucker for some gameday face art!

While the Tigers whipped up on the Wolfpack, all the ladies camped out at the nearby Mellow Mushroom and waited for the guys to come join us. 

I just love how Dad's in an NC State sweatshirt here, and Mom's proudly sporting her "Beat NC State" sticker...

I feel so lucky that the two guys who have married in to our crazy family have formed such a bond.  Laura's husband and mine get along so well -- they are like brothers.  And is it me, or do they look eerily similar in the below photo?  Similar eyes - nose - smile - strange!

We took the bus back to Greenville that night and ordered a few pizzas in.  It was a heck of a trip.  Go Tigers!


  1. I'm sorry that you chose to wear orange. Next time maybe you'll be smart and wear red! ;)

  2. Looks like a fun trip...but garnet all the way! Go Cocks! :)

  3. I'm going to have to go with your dad on this one....fathers know best! Regardless, it's always a fun day to spend tailgating and outdoors with the fam.

  4. SO SO FUN! getting that bus was an awesome idea!

  5. Thank you for clarifying that I did not have 6 mimosas. I do love my champagne drinks but not that many before 11 am!

  6. love your tunic! Love that you girls went despite not going to the game too!
    We went and tailgated for LSU vs. Arkansas last year but tickets were so expensive we just watched a bar.

  7. Yessss, goooo Tigers!! Orange is a good color on you! ;)

  8. Wow, the BILs DO look related! Crazy.


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