In The Name Of Beauty ... Would You?

Name Of Beauty

When it comes to beauty, I've always been intrigued about what some people consider a must.
Getting a little deeper than the "you must try this drugstore mascara!" depth ... what would you do that's a tad bit more extreme?
Botox, juice cleanses, pricey salon hair extensions. 
I'm curious what you'd shell out the cash for. 
Here are my answers:
Botox: Yep, I'd give this a try.  Not a big fan of needles or the pricetag, but I'm also not the biggest fan of my forehead wrinkles.  I read recently that in an interview of ten dermatologists, all ten do use Botox but in very small amounts (like 10 units for all of you connisseurs).  Anti-aging without the harsh Joan-Rivers results.
Juice Cleanses:  I'll pass on this.  Losing a few pounds and toning up is an ever-present goal of mine, but I'd get too bored with juice all day for a week, and I think I'd be missing out on other essential nutrients.  Skip it!
Salon Hair Extensions:  Ehhhh, I'm iffy on this one.  I have really fine hair, so I'd love the boost in volume, but it can be so expensive and I have a fear that it would look too fake in my hair.  Like I was trying too hard.
So, your turn ... would you?


  1. I'd only try Botox after I'm done having kids. Not that I'm currently the most healthy person, but I'm really sketched out about putting toxins into my body before I will incubate a new person. Similarly, I won't do Brazilian straightening or keratin or any of those things where there are massive doses of chemicals seeping into my scalp.

    Getting off my hippie soap box...

    Totally would get plastic surgery (again, post-babies) - flat tummy, perky boobies? Yes, I can do that.

    Wouldn't do extensions since fake hair FREAKS me out... even those little clip-in braids and stuff are super gross to me.

    I do like juicing/cleanse drinks but I don't know that I'd do the whole "program". I like chewing things :)

  2. I would get botox in a second! I have no urge to juice, but I guess I would. I wouldn't get extensions. I am 2nding BHB with the tummy tuck and perky boobs! Put me under the knife!

  3. I get botox.... I get 10 cc in the forehead and 10 cc in between the brows. It's just a little lift, and most people just ask if I've had my eyebrows done lol. I usually pay about 14/cc or 240. But my doc sometimes has specials or groupons to cut the cost. NOW, I just got married and I feel stupid telling him how much it costs, so I haven't had it done since we were married... But I love getting it done!

  4. i cleanse a few times a year - i like knowing everything is out of me and clean ... i dunno about botox, maybe when i'm older .. and hair extensions i'd LOVE too but i have such thin hair that my 'real' hair would just fall out - look good but SO bad for your hair!

  5. I think I'd actually try all of these haha, how much I'd spend though is a different story!

    Also, I wanted to let you know about a page I started to hopefully connect all the Charlotte-area bloggers. I hope you'll check it out and link your blog up to the directory!

  6. I'd be up for botox. My BFF does the PR for them & says it is definitely addictive...which would be my only hesitation. I can't get on board with cleanses or hair extensions. I'd never be able to commit to a cleanse & would be made I paid money for a bunch of juice. Hair extensions just freak me out. I want to scream "you're not fooling anyone!" I think after I'm done with kids I may consider "fixing" my boobs, but I'm not sure. Ha!

  7. I used to feel really anti-botox, but being in my later twenties now... I think I'll probably try it in a few years.

    I have never done a juice cleanse and would perhaps try it, but it would have to be very affordable. I've done a cleanse before that focused on only eating veggies and fruits for a couple days and that was hard enough!

    I can't see myself ever trying hair extensions. I have really thick hair, so the last thing I need is anymore!

  8. I hate needles so I am probably a no for botox but put me under ssome drugs and I am sure after having children I will have some stuff fixed.

    I wouldn't do a full cleanse but I could do a cleanse for one meal. Like breakfast or lunch.

  9. What fun questions. I love reading people's comments. I used to think I wouldn't do any of these things, but as I get older (38 right now), the more open I am...

  10. Although I'm "only" 26, Botox is something I've been toying with. I'm guessing I'll start getting injections in the next few months. I feel as if law school has really aged me, and a handful of my girlfriends have been using botox for years--their skin is fabulous.

    I would definitely do a juice cleanse, but the price tag is so price for a "quick fix" (I think I just contradicted my botox comments)...

    I would LOVE extensions. This again is something so many of my girlfriends have, but I just again cannot stomach the pricetag for the quality ones...

    Great Post. oxo

  11. I would do all three! Also I am interested in juvederm!!

  12. what a FUN post April!!
    1. yes, I'd totally do Botox..I think I am going to HAVE to after all these babies I'm having!!! Husband doesn't approve, but I can use my play money ;)

    2. I would try one to see what the fuss is about, but I think I'd then want crazy amounts of horrible food afterwards

    3. I did extensions for my wedding, but wouldn't wear them daily just because my horse hair doesn't need any more volume

  13. I love the idea of cleanses really cleaning you all out but Im with you and would get bored too easily. I am DYING for extensions but do not want to pay for them.

  14. I feel the exact same way about Botox! I never thought I would do it and I don't necessarily want to look "younger", but those two deep lines in my forehead drive me insane. However, it's such a slippery slope-- I'm only 31, if I start with the Botox now, when does it end?!

    Also, I've done a cleanse before and it was torture-- I was practically hallucinating by the end-- but the best thing about it was that it totally kicked my sugar craving. For a few weeks after, I lost that feeling of "what's for dessert?" that I get as soon as I take my last bite of a meal... but a few weeks of eating badly again and it came back!

  15. I get 10 units of Botox on my forehead every 3 months and have been pleased with the results. I don't look at the needle and it doesn't hurt at all! I've had both hot fusion and bead extensions and they both did a lot of damage to my hair, so now I only occasionally use clip-ins. A juice cleanse would probably help my skin, but I think I'd miss food too much!

  16. I'd probably give botox a try when I really need it, in like 10 years maybe? haha That's wishful thinking. I haven't tried juicing and extentions.. I tried on our wedding day and I loved the results! Only for special occassions though!

  17. I'd probably go for all . However, actual surgery is probably where I would draw the line. Too afraid of something bad happening.

  18. Honestly, I'd probably only do extensions. I like food way too much and I'm not putting anything in my body!

  19. Oh how fun! 1. I feel like I'm way too young to do botox...but ask me in 5 years and maybe (maybe) I might do something in a miniscule amount. Not sure though. 2. I love food way too much and don't see a juice cleanse lasting a day! 3. I don't object to hair extensions that look really great, but probably something I won't ever try.

  20. Such a fun post! I think I'm with you on the botox. But I think I will be waiting until I really really need it. A juice cleanse, on the other hand, is definitely out. I know myself well enough to know I would end up binging on carbs before the first day ends.

  21. I'll definitely try botox one day. Not ashamed at all! Lol

    I would pass on the juice cleanse. Barre classes are my way of staying toned. I have such fine hair I would love extensions for volume but the salon ones can do a lot of damage that takes years to grow out so I would also pass on this one.

    My musts are my clarisonic and good foundation.

  22. Given the chance, I think the most extreme I’d ever try in the name of beauty is Botox. Some results I’m seeing over the web are somewhat encouraging. I just hope they weren’t ‘photoshopped’! : XD The wrinkle reduction does not look as artificial as years ago. And not looking obvious is a big deal to some. On another hand, I’d surely get as much info and feedback as I can about the clinic I would want to get the procedure done beforehand. :) -->Shavonda

  23. Like most of the comments here, I’ll definitely try Botox also. Most of the bachelors that I know tried this already since they don’t want to mess their looks with the wrinkles brought by aging. I guess I’ll try that too. I just need to consult a surgeon regarding that. It seems like that I’m ready to undergo the process too.

    Marc Bryan


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