Carolina Cup 2013

So if you've never been to Carolina Cup, I think now's the time to block out time for it on your 2014 calendar.  You just have to experience this fun day!

We got the day started around 8:30 with food prep, getting ready, and packing the car.  The drive for us was maybe only half an hour, and you know you're getting close when you start seeing cars packed to the gills with coolers and girls in sunhats.

You can see just pulling into the gates that the car in front of us had a group of guys packed in the bed of the truck with their coolers.

We got there and started setting up our spot.  We have a spot in the infield, and the spots are large enough for your car and a tent, too.

One of the sweet treats I made was Peep skewers.  I did them in purple and yellow, a little nod to Ian's ECU roots.

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We got the day kicked off with mimosas and Dad's homebrew. 

We weren't really drinking from this -- just using it to hold beer!

Another item I made was tortellini skewers -- cheese tortellini tossed in Italian dressing, salami, black olives, cherry tomatoes, swiss cheese cubes.  So easy and tasty ... like a pasta dish on a stick.

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And of course we had fried chicken!  We picked this up from Rush's. 

Dad and Mom shagged (standard).

We watched several races and put bets on the horses.

One of my friends from college, Mary Margaret (my great-grand-little in ADPi) comes to the Cup every year and she always comes by our spot to say hello and give me a big hug!

I think here we were helping Mom with sunscreen (a bit fuzzy) but check out those arms!  She has straight up guns.  She goes to the gym regularly and takes two weightlifting classes per week.  She's in the best shape she's ever been.  So proud of her.

Mom and Dad are so funny - they love being in the mix.  You can see Dad in his red hat and Mom in her green shirt below.  This was when we ventured out as a family to the College Park area.  The fraternities bus in the students, and they're usually a complete and utter mess for the most part.  We love going out there to witness the craziness.

For instance, these guys below, who I guess rented a U-Haul and partied in it all day.  I shudder to think that they may have even used it to transport people down there.  Pretty sure they didn't get their deposit back.

Another awesome Cup.
Who's in next year?!

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  1. We used to rent buses to go to Preakness. It was always a shit show.

    What's up with the one's? Did you visit a strip club after you got the fried chicken??? ;)

  2. This looks like so much fun. I've never been, but it sounds like something to make a trip to.
    xo, Maria

  3. Oh Carolina Cup, that brings back some memories! The uhaul pic cracked me up...the year after I graduated some of my ADPi sisters rented a Uhaul in Rock Hill, filled it with kegs and had a traveling party. Needless to say, they all got arrested. Keepin' it classy!

  4. I went once during law school (2009). It poured most of the time and (after we drank wayyyy too much) my husband ended up slipping in the mud on the way back to our bus and having to sit in his underwear for the whole bus ride home. It was hilarioussss. I always remind him of that and say I can't wait to tell our kids about it some day.

  5. So much fun! Love seeing how much fun your parents are, too. Great time had by ALL! My own memories of my youth at the cup are quite hazy!
    Lulu and Daisy

  6. Oh my goodness, I hope you are right about those UHaul frat boys! Eeek.

    I used to go to the cup every year. A boarding school friends, Lydia, family owned the plantation that abuts the race course. It is just right there on the first corner of Knights Hill Road up on the hill on your right as you approach the race course, before the Kings Chase development. All of that land used to be tied to her house. So wild to think about. I'll have to email you a pic of the place, some years everything was already blooming so you couldn't see the house from the road!

    I would love to go back, I just wonder how weird it would be to go with a totally different group of friends? I am so stodgy sometimes!

  7. What a great time!! Your family looks like so much fun. My brother just moved to North Carolina so I might have to check this out next year with him :)

  8. Your mom is ripped! Good for her! Weight lifting for women is so important for bone health!

    I'm flashing back to so many... spotty memories.... of similar day drinking events. Lawdy.

  9. LOVE this! Looks so much like Keeneland in Lexington- my all time favorite event!

    Love your outfit and the cute skewers!

  10. Oh I love the Carolina Cup!!! Loving your hat too and I'm going to have to try the tortellini skewers -I have them pinned on pinterest but haven't tried them.

  11. Ahh this looks like too much fun!! I wish we had something like this here in Chagrin Falls... Did I mention it was only 21 degrees here today with the windchill?

  12. Looks like a blast!! I LOVE your hat. We used to go to Preakness in college but it was always a disaster- kind of like those uhaul guys!

  13. Your mom and dad look like a BLAST! I didn't even think anything of the huge beer "glass"...just figured it went with that big ol' cigar! :)

    The peep skewers are super cute and the tortellini skewers look delicious!

    Yay for your mom for being so fit and active!

    Love all the pictures--looks like a blast!! :)


  14. This brings back so many memories of the many Foxfield races we have attended here in VA. It looks like y'all had a great day and your parents seem like such a fun couple! I love your outfit, the scarf with all white is perfection :)

  15. Looks like you guys had a great time! For years we went to The Hunt in Far Hills, NJ. And we always say we are going to get to Gold Cup here in VA but the kiddos sports just keep getting in the way;)

  16. Oh wow, your hubby sure is handsome! You are SO glamorous in that outfit. That tortellini skewer looks amazing!

  17. I love the peeps :) go pirates

  18. April,

    Where do you get your hats? I've seen you wear them a few times. My friend is having a tea party themed bridal shower & we are supposed to wear hats--I'm not sure where to begin looking! Thanks :).


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