Go Ahead, Splurge A Little: Shrimp + White Bean Enchiladas

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Sunday nights in our home call for a little splurge.  Something carby, something cheesy, something just a smidge bit indulgent.  Enchiladas often win out, obviously.

But another thing about a Sunday night is that I don't want to be stressed in the kitchen -- any lengthy or complicated recipe is a no-go.  The thing I love about these enchiladas is that there's no real recipe ... just eyeball the ingredients, tweak to your taste, and as my Nana would say, "You know it's done when it looks ready."

Basic Enchilada Instructions
  • Spray 9x13 with Pam.
  • Fill tortillas with what you love.
  • Wrap 'em up and lay them in a row.
  • Top with enchilada sauce and cheese.
  • Bake at 350* and you know it's done when it looks ready.
Here's how I used these basic instructions to put together our Shrimp and White Bean Enchiladas.

Sautee shrimp in a little butter or olive oil and add to center of tortillas.

Sautee half of a white onion and add to the tortillas.

Rinse a can of white beans in a colander until they don't create bubbles any more and add beans to the tortillas.

Add a little shredded cheese to each tortilla - this helps the inner ingredients to bind together.

Roll up and place seam-side-down on a 9x13 that you have sprayed with Pam.

While I do love enchiladas with red sauce, I've been on a green sauce kick recently.  To top my enchiladas, I used diced green chiles and green enchilada sauce.  Just pour both right on top of the rolled tortillas, no need to even mix them.

We love black olives, so I added those on top.

Top with a little shredded cheese.  I used some from a bag of Mexican blend but then used some freshly-grated pepperjack on top.  Freshly grated cheese just melts so well and tastes better.

Bake at 350 degrees for about 20-25 minutes ... you'll know when it's done because the cheese will be nice and melty and just slightly golden brown.

As a side, we are so in love with refried black beans.  I shredded some cheese to top that and also added some sliced avocado.  A lime wedge is the final thing you need to zest this dinner right up!

I did mention that it was indulgent, right?!

The best thing about this easy dinner is that you can use the basic instructions above and just add in whatever you love.  Craving beef?  You can sub out the shrimp and white beans for brisket and black beans, and then top with red sauce.  That would be heavenly.  Or, want to go vegetarian?  Fill the tortillas with refried beans, sauteed red peppers, and goat cheese.

What are some of your favorite enchilada fillings?


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  1. omg -- yummo! Just pinned this :)

  2. Yum yum yum yum yum yum! I am doing a juice cleanse for 3 days and your pics are killing me!

  3. haha! i love your cheese grating action shot!

    looks deeelish!

  4. I tend to do my enchiladas classic Texas/Tex-Mex style. Corn (since I can't have flour anyway) tortillas are used and then I dip them in the filling, then fill and bake them sometimes two times so all of the flavors actually meld together. The texture should be slightly soggy but crunchy. Sounds gross but it's the real deal!

    M is such a picky eater. I would love to use shrimp (he doesnt eat seafood) and he does not eat olives either.

    You are so right about freshly shredded cheese. It does melt the best. I tend to buy pepperjack or the three cheese jalapeno from Teeter in the Boar's Head case. I use freshy ground seasonings or do some extra grinding of seasonings (chili powder, chipotle chili pepper, pepper, sea salt, oregano).

    Since y'all love shrimp, try fire roasted tomatoes, one or two chipotle chilies en adobo, shrimp, and casero or cotija cheese.

    Another pairing you all would enjoy is chorizo chopped without casing, tomatillo salsa, cotija cheese, flat-leaf parsley. Yum!

  5. WOW that looks so amazing I am going to serve this to my company coming!! Thanks!

  6. I am so with you on comfort food on Sunday nights- I don't know why, but it is definitely that way in our house as well!

  7. This seriously looks so amazing! Pardon my ignorance, but I have a can of northern beans. Is that the same as white beans? I'm adding these to my list for next week. The last recipe we made of yours (fried fish tacos) was a serious hit so I'm sure this is great too!

  8. Yum! These sound so good!


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