Summer Skincare 101 ::: Guest Post

I was so honored when sweet Darci, blogger extraordinaire of The Good Life, asked me to guest post in her Hello Sunshine! series.  Focusing on all things summer, this is such a fun series to read.  And today I posted about Summer Skincare ... and how easy it is to find yourself lecturing youngins' on the hazards of tanning.

I present to you ... Exhibit A. 

What a difference eight years makes!  #paleisthenewtan

Between yesterday's Candy Crush admission and that horrid photo above, I'm really putting it all out there for you!  By the way, the comments yesterday ... they LITERALLY had me laughing out loud. 

Thanks again Darci for the invitation to join this series ... to read my dish on Summer Skincare 101, click here!


  1. I'm with you. I'm 26 and I used to lay out a lot with far too little sunscreen on and (gulp) go to the tanning booths on occasion in college. Now I wear a fedora and sunglasses, sit under an umbrella (most of the time), and wear 30+ SPF. I also use Neutrogena on my face and think it's the best.

  2. I loved reading your guest post, April. Your tips are spot on and I will definitely be using them. Thanks for the great advice :) And on a side note, I LOVE the J.Crew hat you picked out. I mentioned that same one in a blog post a week or two ago but don't think I could get away with wearing it.


  3. Hi! New follower from Darci's blog :) Loved your skin-care post! I love, love being in the sun, at the pool, on the beach, BUT I am all about the SPF! I drive my husband crazy because I'm always on him about reapplying! Haha. I definitely need to invest in a floppy hat before we go to the beach this summer!

  4. So thrilled to have you as a guest blogger for this little series! Such great tips and product recommendations! Ps - I ran to Ulta a few hours ago and am just giddy over here with my new mascara, eyeliner and bronzer (I got the Jergen's Natural Glow Firmint Moisturizer ... stay tuned!).

  5. loved your post lady. please tell me you're getting the hat too- we can be blog twins this summer!

  6. loved the post today. You definitely don't look a day over 22!

  7. What a fun group of posts...I will have to check it out!!

    I'm definitely guilty of spending lots of time in the sun and soaking up a good tan, but I always wear 30 or 50 SPF!

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