Splurge or Save

One thing I don't spend a ton of money on? Shoes. I like nice shoes and I have nice shoes, but I almost always buy them on sale and really don't love spending more than $40 on shoes.

Where do you splurge, and where do you save? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the following:

1. A cocktail dress to wear to a wedding
2. A glass of wine at a restaurant
3. A hotel room
4. A haircut
5. Wild card ... you name it!

Here are my five:

1. Save. I think there are plenty of fun and inexpensive dresses out there!

2. Save, in general. I have no qualms ordering the cheapest glass, but if it's a few dollars more for a New Zealand sauvignon blanc, I'll go with that one. Worth it.

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc...a big favourite!

3. Somewhere in the middle. No skeezy roach motel for me, but I don't always need to be in the Ritz either. The idea of dropping more than $200-250 for a hotel room sort of freaks me out. I like to stay around the $120-150 range.

4. Splurge. I don't get haircuts really often, and I don't color my hair (yet), so I don't mind paying a little more for a great haircut experience. To me, this means $55-60 ... although that may not seem like a splurge to everyone.

I am loving the Color Salon by Michael Boychuck! It's glitzy, it's classic, it's feminine, it's gorgeous!

5. My wildcard is paper towels ... splurge! I'm a big fan of Viva paper towels! (Yes, I'm aware that I sound really old getting excited about high-quality paper towels.)

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the five. Splurge or save?


  1. When people have anything other than Viva it drives me insane! I splurge on my hair and hotels. The rest can be cheap! Except wine. No two buck chuck..that stuff is gross. PLenty of good wines for $15/bottle. But in a restaurant i'll order something cheap.

  2. I'm with you splurging on a haircut. I have my favorite hairstylist and won't see anyone else :) A definite splurge! I'm trying the Up&Up brand of paper towels from Target. First time I've bought the store brand of paper towels and we'll see how that goes.

  3. Frugal Franny chiming in -- love this post

    1. Recycle the classics in my closet :) I have an engagement party to attend in November and it's my first whirl with Rent The Runway -- I'm really pumped!
    2. Ohhhh boy. NYC prices of things will skew this answer..... happy hour wines can get to $5 or $7 a glass, but normally they're $11 - $15. Which is why I usually drink a glass from a $15 BOTTLE of wine at home :)
    3. Points, or $200~.
    4. I go to a place in my 'hood that's a step up from Supercuts -- it's $50 for a wash, cut, and blowout.
    5. I totally splurge on facial beauty products. Shampoo/conditioner/body stuff? Nah, drugstore all the way. But my face is how I greet each and every day and I take care of it with pretty expensive products. But it's worth it to me!!

  4. What a great idea for a post! I have the same splurge/save opinions. I would definitely splurge for a great haircut, but I generally like to save on clothes that I know I won't wear more than one or two times.

  5. What a fun idea for a post! I'm going to have to give Viva paper towels a try. I've never experienced paper towel greatness...

    1. I'll typically wear something I already have unless I find something amazing on sale.
    2.I'll happily pay a couple dollars more for a superior glass of wine. Life is too short to drink cheap wine.
    3. This really depends on the circumstances. If it's a special get away with my husband, staying at an incredible resort can be worth every penny. I've recently become ok with spending more on hotels, because we work so hard and don't get a lot of time alone together. Treat yo self, and all that.
    4. Total splurge, purely out of fear that I'll end up with terrible hair if I don't.
    5.Travel is probably my biggest splurge. I'd rather experience a new country than have a new car.

  6. I love this post! I am pretty much on the same page as you. For me,

    1. Cocktail Dress: SAVE! There are plenty of local stores around me where I can find a unique dress for around $20-30. Or, I will use one that I already have but maybe haven't worn a lot.

    2. Wine: There is only one restaurant that I will "splurge" for a glass of wine and it is the Sangria at bonefish. I think it is around $11 Otherwise, I am totally set with the $5-7 options.

    3. Hotel: I am not going to stay somewhere with complementary bed bugs or roaches so I will try to pick a well known brand (marriott/hilton) but I try to stay under $130

    4. Haircut: definitely a splurge! I am very very picky about who does my hair and I am totally fine with paying a little more for it to be perfect.

    5. Wildcard: Toilet paper (haha!) I like a decent brand that is soft-lame? yeah, I know!

    Great post!

  7. We tend to splurge on memories instead of actual things. Taking a nice trip, having a great dinner out, spending the day at the spa or hubby at an incredible golf course....those type of things.
    I do splurge on handbags.
    Wine? Not so much. As long as there's a Pinot Noir on the menu, I'm good to go.

    Save - Maybe I need to work on that! haha

  8. Totally agree with you on the dresses, wine and hotel. I think I'm lucky with my hair because the same girl has been doing mine for years, and I think she still charges me what she did back in the day - maybe $30 or less (it's included with the cost of my color so not exactly sure anymore!) One thing I am willing to splurge on: great classics - like a timeless pea coat, leather jacket, pair of jeans, black pumps, great bag etc. Things that I know I will wear for years. And I still look for sales, even when I am willing to spend a little more. But the rest of my stuff is a mix of Target, H&M, Forever 21, Gap, etc.

  9. oh my gosh, i love this post. i might have to steal it!! such a cute idea. and i love the honesty. i always splurge on hair! i mean i have to wear it every day right? it cannot look bad. :) paper towels...truth to that sister. and toilet paper!

  10. 1. Mostly save- every once in awhile I'll splurge on a cute one from Anthro
    2. Save- I read that the house wine is usually a good one so I don't often go too much higher than that!
    3. Splurge- sort of! My husband has elite status at Marriott (thanks to tons of work travel) and we have a credit card this gets us Ritz points so we end up staying in nice hotels a lot but for very little money out of pocket.
    4. Save... In the Bay Area, a normal price for a haircut starts at $60 so that's what I pay. I don't do anything but cut right now and I know how quickly other options can add up!
    5. night! We don't get out much now that we have a toddler (and one on the way) so when we do, we tend to go big and not worry about the cost of a dinner out since it's probably about what we would spend on a bunch of more casual date nights pre-kids.

  11. Haha paper towels is a splurge for me too, love me some Viva! I would say I'm in the middle on the hotel rooms too. I call myself a hotel snob, but I too just want nice but doesn't have to be the Ritz. This is fun, because we're all so different so it's fun to see others splurges. I for one can drop $50+ on an eye shadow palette no problem but have probably never spent more than $30 on jeans haha. Weird I know.

  12. I splurge on paper towes too....and real Windex. The store brands streak.

    I also don't spend a lot on shoes. I splurge on purses.

    Not on wine because we usually get good wines for free so I have a really hard time paying for that.

    I wear all MAC makeup but I'm licensed with a pro card so it costs much less.

    I do not splurge on anything beauty spa related. I bought the stuff to do my own gel nails. I spoke with a stylist at work and bought the products with my esthetics license to have my husband do my roots. I even buy my own spray tan stuff and do that at home.

  13. I am a shoe gal for sure, but I won't spend $1 over $50 unless there a nice pair of tall fall boots. I for sure splurge on hotel rooms just for the simple fact that if we're in a hotel it's most likely because we're vacationing and isn't that when splurging is at it's finest? :)

    I don't drink wine (gasp!) So I wouldn't know what to even look for, but I most definitely splurge on tops. Jeans are jeans but tops make the outfit in my opinion.

    Great post!

  14. 1. i splurge on good haircuts -- you wear your hair everyday!! so it's worth the investment :)
    2. i agree with you about your range for hotels (we dont stay at the nicest places BUT i dont want to be afraid to get under the sheets!)
    3. i like to splurge on a good meal every now and then (like once a month) and tickets to a play or the museum. i think that's usually worth the $$.
    4. save on satellite TV/cable... we cut our cable and we started watching shows on netflix and listening to the radio. i love it!
    5. shoes = splurge -- i'll spend up to $150 on shoes but i have to love them, and they have to be well-made.

    the paper towels made me laugh! :) we never buy them! instead i have a huge stack of tea towels :)

    xo jillian

  15. I TOTALLY agree with you about splurging on paper towels & I thought I was the only one! :)

  16. I started using Viva paper towels about 2 months ago and I will never use anything else.

  17. Love this!!

    1. I def save on the dress for a wedding! I either have one I haven't worn in a whole, can find something great on sale or borrow from a friend!
    2. I'm not one who orders a glass of wine at dinner but, if we're out for a special occasion I'll splurge on a fun cocktail!
    3. I agree with you on the hotel room! I don't want to stay anywhere janky but, it's nice to stay somewhere comfortable that doesn't break the bank. I try to stay at or below $150
    4. Hair cuts are certainly my splurge! I don't get manis or pedis often so my hair cut & highlight are my splurge every 3-4 months. Which is another reason it's my splurge, it happens a handful of times a year!
    5. Paper towels, toilet paper, Mac & cheese (not that I eat it often but there IS a difference) some things are just non-negotiable, those are just a few! Lol!

  18. My sister is my hair stylist so SAVE these ;) lucky me! Definitely save on wedding dress, I'd rather use that money towards something you can wear all the time. I usually splurge on a pair of Frye boots each Fall, SO worth the money!

  19. Excellent post!
    1. I tend (most of the time) to recycle what's in my closet for weddings or other events (unless it's one of my children getting married!).
    2. HMC would say that I save when I buy wine at home; she's taught me to splurge with a glass of fine Sauvignon Blanc when we go out for our boozy lunches!
    3. Right there with you on hotel rooms -- I love finding a good deal at a great place in Boston.
    4. Ahh, hair...I've recently decided to stop coloring, so I guess that's a save (although my stylist charges $55 for a cut -- still, that's a big save when you add color to it).
    5. Wildcard -- I'd have to say I splurge on shoes. And I also love bags, but I don't spend crazy $ on them -- I just have way too many!

  20. Love this post! Great idea!
    1. Depends on the event, but mainly save unless it's a classic piece.
    2. Wine-save, but love a good glass of champagne ;).
    3. Hotels -think you can get a great one reasonably!
    4. Hair- used to splurge, then didn't and regretted it...back to splurging.
    5. Wildcard - purses, moisturizer, and eye cream.

  21. 1. Dress: I buy new often, but NEVER full price.
    2. Wine: Could not agree w/ you more, Always NZ Sauvy B
    3. Hotels: Being in the biz anything over $200 pains me unless it's super high end (Ritz in NY, Four Seasons Florence).
    4. Hair: Splurge- cut & color is $135 (reasonable by Boston standards) but I'm a Kerastase girl, worth ever penny
    5. Wildcard: makeup, skin care, Flywheel classes, trash bags, paper towels & tissues.

  22. 1. I splurge on these (or rather have had them gifted as "big gifts" at Christmas), but I stopped buying them a couple of years ago after I'd amassed a nice timeless collection that should last me a while!
    2. Save on wine! I'd rather buy a decent bottle (Even just in the $13 - 15 range) than spend $8 - 10 on a so-so glass.
    3. I'm split on this - if we're going to an all-inclusive resort we'll usually upgrade to a Club room and get the extra perks, but in general I tend to go cheap with hotel rooms for less fun travel; a lot of times, Residence Inns and other "temporary housing" style hotels are even cheaper than the normal ritzy rooms, so we frequent those for work & weddings.
    4. Splurge on hair!!! There's a lot to be said for a good haircut & color. I don't always do them frequently -- I've been known to live in the ombre stage for a ridiculously long time.
    5. Hmm... Probably toilet paper? I can't handle the cheap stuff.

  23. Kim Crawford Sauvignon blanc?? YUM!!! One of my faves!


  24. 1.Save- I might only wear it once no need to go overboard
    2. When I'm out I don't might going cheap but at home I prefer $15+ bottles of wine!
    3. Splurge! I've become a hotel snob thanks to all my husbands traveling
    4. Splurge! Since I'm a blonde I really don't have a choice if I want to stay one
    5. Splurge on Shampoo/hair products- I've found over the years the cheap drug store brands just don't so anything for my hair.

  25. 1. I'm in this prediciment right now! I have two weddings coming up in November, and I decided the way to go is borrow from a friend, so SAVE!
    2. Indifferent. I'm a wine drinker, but by no means am I an expert or a wine-o! I have had the cheapest of the cheap and the most expensive bottle on the menu (thanks to a work lunch!)
    3. splurge! No dumpy hotel for me! We are hitting up the Eastern Shore of Virginia this weekend and the hubs chose the room, but I've heard it's been featured on a tv show!?!
    4. Splurge - I think there is no option but to splurge on this one.. I agree- I probably wouldn't go over $100 though!
    5. splurge on a good spa day. I could really go for a mani/pedi/massage every now and then!

    Great idea!

  26. 1. I'm in this prediciment right now! I have two weddings coming up in November, and I decided the way to go is borrow from a friend, so SAVE!
    2. Indifferent. I'm a wine drinker, but by no means am I an expert or a wine-o! I have had the cheapest of the cheap and the most expensive bottle on the menu (thanks to a work lunch!)
    3. splurge! No dumpy hotel for me! We are hitting up the Eastern Shore of Virginia this weekend and the hubs chose the room, but I've heard it's been featured on a tv show!?!
    4. Splurge - I think there is no option but to splurge on this one.. I agree- I probably wouldn't go over $100 though!
    5. splurge on a good spa day. I could really go for a mani/pedi/massage every now and then!

    Great idea!

  27. 1. SAVE: I can always find something for under $100 and isn't an "investment piece" ;)
    2. SPLURGE: I am way more likely to get a nice glass out rather than spend a ton on a bottle at home...weird I know
    3. Normally SAVE... we use Priceline a lot and get a room the day we leave. For vacations and such though, we usually SPLURGE so we can really enjoy the accomodations
    4. SAVE: I pay $80 for cut and color...I know, I LOVE my girl
    5. Hmmm...a nice handbag...SPLURGE! Because I use it for 2+ seasons if not longer and use it every single day

  28. My initial reaction to each of these was "Somewhere in the middle..." I'm a at an age/income level where I don't have to cheap out and know that spending a bit more can drastically improve quality, but spending a TON of money on any of them still freaks me out.

    1) Save. I'll re-wear on years we have a lot of weddings, with a mix of cheap-y Target dresses and mid-price from places like ModCloth ($50-100) for the rest.

    2) I cringe at the overpricing on glasses and will usually share a bottle with my husband or girlfriend. But life's too short to drink bad wine, and I'll usually go with something a couple steps above the cheapest.

    3) Again, midprice - we are all about the Airbnb and VRBO for $100-180/night, depending on locale.

    4) Splurge! I have had some terrible haircuts and highlights in my life, so I stick with my more expensive girl ($145 for both).

    5) Splurge on shoes - I'm too old for cheap shoes that don't offer support and make my knees/back hurt. I will gladly pay more for something that will last a long time and be more comfortable - but still look for sales.

  29. Cracking up about the paper towels! I bought a rolk of crazy cheap paper towels a month or two ago when I was in the dollar store and they were so awful and fell apart whenever we used them! Anthony gave me the hardest time and I promised to never buy cheapies again!

  30. Oh this is fun!
    1. A little of both....while I love Rent the Runway, if I'm feeling kinda yuck about my post-baby body, sometimes it is nice to spend that extra little bit to make yourself look fab :)
    2. Save...I like cheap wine!
    3. In the where sketchy but I don't need to stay at the Ritz
    4. Splurge...I have naturally curly, out of control thick hair. It takes a special person to cut it just right!
    5. Wild card: toilet paper....Splurge. I need something soft....I don't want to wipe with tree bark! Haha!

  31. I splurge on wine. Redic. Oh well. I shop consignment.

  32. I definitely splurge on my hair- but I love my hair girl! She is worth every penny- it is like therapy.

    I TRY to save on ordering drinks out- I'm always looking for a special or seeing if it is cheaper to share a bottle.

    Hotels- I leave up to the hubby to find a deal for us! No need to splurge there for me.

    I splurge on steaks from the store! I hate cheap meat- I can definitely taste a difference and like to get higher quality from a specialty store.

  33. Save on dresses - I often rewear one of the many black dresses in my closet with new shoes or accessories. Splurge on wine, hotels, and hair. I'm an admitted hotel snob. I love a fancy hotel. Ransoms - Mascara is always a save for me - I have worn Maybelline for years. Laundry detergent is a splurge - it has to be Tide.

  34. I definitely splurge on my hair - or at least I think it's a splurge - cut and color every 10 weeks = $150.

    I always splurge on TP.....Cottonelle all the way.

    Another splurge - no off-brand tampons for me. Some things you just can't

    A newish splurge for me - Tory Burch shoes. I justify the price because I wear them ALL THE TIME.

    We always take a two-weeks long trip to STJ, USVI in August, and that is a MAJOR splurge - first class airline tix, we stay in a villa, you name it. We look forward to it every year!

    And you're so right - a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is always worth the splurge!

    I hardly EVER buy clothing full price. First stop = sales racks!

    Cotton balls, Q tips = save (Equate brand at WalMart)


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