The Baby Is Five Months

Five months. Almost half a year. How have we gotten here so quickly?!

(And let it be known, like many of these posts, I'm about two weeks late. It takes me a while to get my thoughts together, ha.)

Look at you, sweet thing. Growing and so fun to be around. 

Your fourth month was a blast, and we are seeing your personality emerge every day. You are such a cool baby, and I love seeing your face light up with excitement. Your gummy smile is the best.

You have found your tongue and your toes and you love playing with both.

Since you have become stronger, we started using the Bob stroller for some outings where we think you'd like to see what's around you. 

At your four month pediatrician visit, your doctor told me that feeding you in the night was no longer necessary as long as you were getting enough ounces during the day. We fully transitioned from milk in the middle of the night to just replacing your pacifier and helping to soothe you, like rubbing your back and saying "shhhhhhhh."

Most nights I was getting up two to three times each night with you but sometimes more. Your fourth month was my walking zombie month. (spoiler alert: it was all about to get better in month five)

Our bedtime routine starts with a bath at 6:15. You are starting to enjoy baths more and are interested in your bath toys. Your baby tub sits in the large tub and I sit on the edge and let you play for a bit before getting you all soapy.

By 6:30 we are getting you in a nighttime diaper and pajamas. Daddy always brushes your hair after your bath.

You take a bottle of milk at night so we can make sure you get enough. You drink 7-8 ounces.

Often times you fall asleep toward the end of the bottle and then I'll just gently lay you in your crib. Here you are passed out cold, wearing a sleepsack that I wore as a baby, made by my own mom. You are asleep at 7:00 most every night now.

You are great about sleeping in other cribs, too. Whether in a hotel crib for your first Charleston trip...

... or the crib at the mountainhouse. And yes, in your fourth month you became a belly sleeper.

You are getting strong enough to be propped up on a sofa without immediately tipping over.

The Bumbo seat, ahhh the bumbo seat. We waited until you were four months to introduce this, and sometimes you seem to like it:

But then this.

Later in the month, when I introduced the tray and some toys, it held your attention a little better. And we started using the buckle religiously.

You love that green O-ball, anything that crinkles, and you are interested in books.

Your daycare teachers just love you to pieces and you are almost always being held when I get there to pick you up. 

Your Bunny (my mom) has still been coming once a week to keep you at home while I'm working. 

She adores you fiercely.

And so do Daddy and I. 
Love you, dear baby.

Our fourth month favorites

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  1. Ahh she is so precious!! Her eyes get me every time - they are so beautiful!

  2. Happy 5 months Camille! She is SUCH a sweetie!! You girls are adorable! :)

  3. She is so stinking cute!! Her little personality is really coming out!! Love the milk coma picture! Haha!

  4. Sweet girl! I love sleepy milk faces when they conk out like that. Happy 5 Months Camille!

  5. I cannot get over how cute she is!! Love the passed out milk picture

  6. Gosh, I love this baby so much! That picture of you two on the blanket together is one of my very favorites! That little personality is shining so brightly these days. She is GORGEOUS like her mama.

  7. I love all of her expressions. So cute. I also really like the list of favorites at the bottom of the post.

  8. Such a sweet post. My youngest is 15 months and I'm still saying "this is my favorite age". It gets better and better every month.

  9. Oh my goodness! Her pictures in the Bumbo seat are priceless!!! Thanks for sharing, April! :)

  10. So sweet! She is a beauty!! I see both you and your husband in her!

  11. That last picture is just adorable!!!!! She is so stinkin cute!!!!

  12. She is so squeezable! I can't believe she drinks between 7-8 oz. at night. what's your routine like during the day with milk
    ? I am still feeding on demand since I am still at home and she seems to still want it every 2-3 hours. Pres is only 2.5 months but I am so looking forward to dropping those night feedings!

  13. Oh my goodness! The pic in matching headbands is adorable!!!

  14. She is absolutely adorable!

  15. She is so cute. I love the one where she's looking at the toy simply amazed.

  16. She is just too cute! I can't decide if she looks like you or her dad...leaning towards dad. I laughed out loud, too, because I'm pretty sure I had clothing made out of the exact same fabric your little sleepsack was made with. Ah, the early 80s. :) Happy weekend!

  17. I seriously cannot get over how adorable she is! Such a beautiful little girl!

  18. Can't get over how stinkin' adorable she is! Her expressions crack me up too. Glad the sleeping is getting better too!

  19. Toys are a great way to distract babies from their original problem, which I know you could tell from your little girl's experience with the Bumbo seat. Hahaha! The records you kept of her fourth month are fairly detailed, and I favor that. I'm also glad to hear that the pediatrician has now recommended you to replace her milk bottle with a pacifier. It'll be more soothing, as long as she gets the amount of milk necessary during the day, of course. Anyway, thanks for the update! Keep us posted of her development. All the best to you and your family! :)

    Kirk White @ MedCare


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