Ladies' Valentines Gift Ideas $1 - $100

I don't believe that Valentines gifts have to be extravagant, but what lady wouldn't want something pink, sweet, or personalized?

And, truth: I'm not in the "Hallmark Holiday" camp. Instead, I LOVE Valentine's Day. We don't tell our loved ones enough how much they mean to us, right? So I'm totally cool with a day designated for us to remember and recognize those who make our hearts swell.

Valentines Gifts

$1: A card. They are 2/$1 at Dollar Tree so you most definitely have no excuse to not pick one up. Extra credit? Write a poem inside. (Please don't just sign your name!) The cheesier the poem, the better.

$5: NYX Butter Glosses. These have a cult following. Smooth and glossy, and you can't beat the $5 pricetag. (here)

$10: "Be Mine" red spatula from Williams Sonoma. Love their kitchen accessories and I would most definitely use this year-round. (here)

$25: Kate Spade Tickled Pink stationery. Pink. Gold. Polka dots. (here)

$30: Baublebar initial bar bracelet. To wear the initial of your loved one. (here)

$40: Personalized 3-Initial Embosser With Stand. If it ain't moving, monogram it. (here)

$50: Kendra Scott Elle Earrings. They have this in a zillion colors, free shipping, free returns. Some colors even on sale in the $31-38 range! (here)

$75: Kate Spade rhinestone earrings. Vaaaa-vaaaaa-VOOM. (here)

$100: Fondue set for a little melted chocolate or cheese. And if you want to get creative, check out the Melting Pot menu for some inspiration of what to add to your melted chocolate (graham cracker bits, marshmallow, Oreo crumbles). Yum. Everyone needs a fondue set. (here)


  1. April! Great minds think alike:) my blog post today is very similar:) LOVE those Kendra Scott earrings and the personalized stamper is such a classy, unique gift! Great ideas!! Have a wonderful day!!

  2. I should some how "accidentally" send me husband a link to your blog post because I am in love with bar bracelets!

  3. all such great ideas! love the Baublebar bracelet!

  4. i love your attitude towards valentines day and i totally agree! :) ....and i'd love just about anything from this list! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. i love those kendra scott earrings so much. since i'm single, i can buy all of these things for myself right? hehehe

  6. These are all cute ideas! Love the way you included something for everyone!


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