Spring Favorites

Yesterday and today were both forecasted to be not-too-great weatherwise, which of course means that I donned long sleeves and it turned out to be warm, sunny and gorgeous.

So Spring is here, and hopefully we have more warmer days ahead! When I think of Spring, I think of a few things:

1// Carolina Cup
The Cup is one of the best and most Southern events of the year. Held in Camden SC, these horse races are all about the tailgating and not so much about the horses (sorry, guys). Last year I was too pregnant to go, and this year is also a no-go, but maybe down the road I can throw my sunhat back on and join the masses for a day of mimosas, cute sandals, some dollar-bill betting, and a little sunburn.

Yes, a Lilly koozie is a definite must for the Spring, and if you don't have one yet, who knew you could pick them up here ... and only $6!

Carolina Cup Style

2// Spring Planters
I do have to give Walmart props for having a pretty good garden department! I picked up some snapdragons, violets, lavender, dusty miller, and tulips the other day. Our planters and pots were in baaaad shape. They are now looking all spruced up again. It's nice to feel proud again of the front of our house!

gold leaf terracotta pots

3 // Patio Cocktailing
The baby goes to sleep at 7(ish) these days, and there's still plenty of light out to enjoy a little back patio sittin' and sippin'. I want to recreate this easy pineapple upside down cake cocktail that I made last year. It was simple and yummy!

A. Liz Adventures: Pineapple Upside Down Cake Cocktail (Say It Three Times Fast)

Your top three Spring favorites ... GO!


  1. Can you recommend any books / blogs / resources about your flowers and planters? I've killed a few potted plants on our apartment patio, but with a whole yard / front garden / back garden to make my own this summer, I'd love a starting point - I know VERY little about this topic!

  2. Oh Carolina Cup is the best! I would love to get a group together and go like we did back in college. I am looking forward to bright pedicures, summer dresses and dining alfresco this spring!

  3. Oh my goodness, I am from Oklahoma but the Carolina Cup sounds so fun!! I picked up a new lilly koozie the other day so I'm all ready!

  4. a pineapple upside down COCKTAIL... oh lord that has to be taste tested ASAP!!!!

  5. Oh my gosh, this post has me SO ready for spring! Those pots are adorable and I am weeping internally over the fact that it's months until the track opens up here in New York :)

    jess | Bows & Bouquets

  6. This whole post makes me so glad it's spring! Love it all!:)

  7. I need that cocktail in my life stat!!! Looks DELISH :) :)

  8. Oh Carolina Cup, how I love you! I'm definitely too pregnant to go this year, but it's so fun. That cocktail will be had after baby girl is here this summer.

  9. that green dress is totally adorable, and now I'm craving a yummy pineapple cocktails! (along with some real spring weather!!) My planters all look terrible. Last year I could have cared less about yard work at this time (33 weeks pregnant and yard work- noooo thank you!) so I have some revamping work to do in that department myself!!

  10. Yes! Yes! Yes! To all your spring favorites! Fresh flowers, a beautiful yard, crisp cocktails on the porch, white pants are a few of my favorites! Xo, Stephanie

  11. Our yard is screaming for attention! Luckily, the nice weather is here for a bit & we can get outside on weekends to spruce it up! I might have to check out Walmart for their plants! (Although, I'm terrible at know what to plant when & where, etc.)


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