Trip To Discovery Place

Recently, we were invited to join some of our best friends for an outing to Discovery Place in uptown Charlotte. Discovery Place is a family-friendly science center. I'd been a few times before, the last time being when I was in college. I had no idea they had such a cute area for little ones!

I love their mission statement: We inspire curious thinkers to discover the wonders of science, technology and nature.

Here are a few photos from our visit. If you live in or around the Charlotte area, I would definitely recommend this for a fun way to spend the day.

They have a huge water table with two baby seats built in that look down over the entire water table. Camille and Gigi had the best time splashing around and getting SOAKED!

I know I will probably get some questions about Camille's dress. My mom made it! I'm sort of sad that it's probably time to stop wearing it -- it's a very fine-wale corduroy, and the rising temperatures just don't make that too comfy nowadays. But I think it's one of my favorite outfits she has ever worn, and I just love that my mom enjoys sewing for her! 


  1. That dress is darling! But, wow, that place looks fantastic! How cool is the water table with seats built in?!? They should sell those!

  2. Your mom should open an etsy shop for her sewing! The stuff she makes for your daughter is so precious!

  3. Fun pics of what looks like a fun trip! Camille's dress is so sweet, your mom is so talented!

  4. AH! This place looks SO fun! I wasn't sure what age DP was suitable for but I am excited there are lots of baby activities! We will have to go there ASAP. Play date?! :)

  5. Wow that dress is beautiful! I wish I knew someone who sews! And what a cool place! She's gonna love it even more as she gets bigger and more mobile!

  6. awwww looks like she had so much fun!

  7. looks like a great place to take a kid!! love her dress too :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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