Maternity Leggings: A Review (AKA I Have Too Much Time On My Hands)

There are a lot of joys of pregnancy, and one for me is MATERNITY LEGGINGS. I'm dead serious. Leggings in general are pretty stellar, and then when you add in a comfy-cozy full panel waistband, the deal is sealed. 

But I recently ordered three pairs to try out at home, and I found that all maternity leggings are not created equal. Here's my own personal breakdown of the three affordable pairs I tried (from Old Navy and Target) and what made each a hit or miss. 

First up:

Old Navy Full-Panel Jersey Leggings (online here)
Currently $14.94, site is 20% off today using code GROWNUP (adult clothing only)

Coming in at the least expensive of the bunch, I was truly hoping these would work. I love Old Navy's maternity line ... in fact, that dark green notched v-neck I've got on was a Christmastime purchase from there (currently $6.99 here). These leggings had pretty good online review ratings (4.2/5) so I figured I would love them.

The actual legging part itself was great, but on me, the panel hit at an awkward spot -- about two inches up from my (very protruding, eek!) belly button. It still smoothed everything mostly out, but I was able to see that tell-tale legging line under my shirt, and it just felt uncomfortable to me. I was very aware of that top seam and it bothered me to no end. Next!

Target Over The Belly Ponte Pants (online here)
Currently $29.99

The style of these had me intrigued and I figured they would be a favorite. Typically, ponte knit is thicker -- a good quality to be found in leggings, am I right?! I was thinking these would be pretty similar to the Lilly Pulitzer Travel Pants that have such a cult following. 

Eh, not really. The full panel was comfortable, but the leggings themselves didn't have that nice and luxurious feeling that I was expecting for my $30 (I'm frugal and I own it!). They were still a good find, and I probably would have justified keeping them had I not tried on the very last pair I'll review here today. 

Winner, winner!
Target Over The Belly Black Legging (online here)
Currently $16.99

By a landslide, these were the big winner of the group. The heft of the legging was fairly similar to the "thicker" ponte pants, and the waistband was even more comfortable! It is made out of this really soft, almost bathing-suit type material. And less than $20 -- a score in my penny-pinching book. 

I should definitely point out that my blog friend Justine, currently expecting her fifth sweet baby, originally told me how awesome these were. I should have just taken her word (and saved myself the return trips to Old Navy and Target for the pants above) because a woman expecting baby #5 definitely knows her stuff. 

I wear these every single week. Sometimes two days in a row (no shame). They have held up in several washings -- I've been wearing them since November -- and have accomodated my ever-growing baby bump. The black has stayed a nice, true black. Come visit me after the baby is born and I guaran-darn-tee you I will still be wearing these!

Do I have too much time on my hands for this review? Umm, maybe. But maternity leggings, y'all! There is nothing better!

(WELL. Maybe a funfetti cupcake, but that's off of my radar for the time being.) ;)


  1. Maybe the best post you've ever written. ;) Seriously, I need another pair to hold me over until Spring. I have done my share of trial and error in this department and good leggings are truly hard to find!

  2. Love this! How do the winning Target ones run in terms of size?

    1. I would say true to size. I got an XS - but I am petite (5'2")!

  3. I thought I liked leggings enough, then I got pregnant! I don't know how or why I would ever wear another pair of pants again ;)

  4. I live in those Target ones. There are also ones that sit under the belly/are geared toward the first few months instead that are called the Knit Leggings from Liz Lange. Love those too!

  5. I wish I could wear maternity leggings all the time! Those target ones look fabulous. Keeping them on my radar for baby #2! Ps you look fabulous!!

  6. I lived in these leggings too! Add an old navy ribbed maternity tank and a cute flowy cardigan and you are set!

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this! My regular leggings have just started to get too uncomfortable and the maternity choices were overwhelming me. Off to place my order!

  8. Those Target leggings were my favorite too! I wore them weeks after giving birth as well and I still wear them now occasionally shhh!! Haha They're so comfy and keep it all sucked in!

  9. Oh I just LOVE this post April!!! You totally crack me up :) my hand is raised up high- because I too am currently wearing the target leggings!! That stretchy tummy panel is unlike anything else I have ever found in a maternity legging! Only a couple short months to go and then you can wear your maternity leggings AND have your funfetti cupcake too!! ;) All while holding your sweet new baby! :) have a great day friend!!

  10. Currently wearing the $16 Target leggings and love them! I also bought the Old Navy ones and agree with your thoughts on the waistband, too itchy for me. Finding a pair of maternity leggings without reviews of being too sheer was hard!

  11. Ordering these right now!! I never knew how much I could love leggings until I got pregnant. I've been wearing the Pea in the Pod "Luxe Essentials Secret Fit" leggings so far, but I'm excited to try a new pair!

  12. Have to try the Target pair. If they ever had my size in stock in store I would own them by now! I have been living in a catsuit all winter... black leggings, black tank and cardigan. The Old Navy leggings work for me but am always on the lookout for something else.

  13. Love this review!! Thank you, thank you :) on point!

  14. OH leggings! The pregnant girl's best friend! I lived in mine when I wasn't at work!

  15. Love this! These types of posts are my favorite!:)

  16. Is it weird I want to buy these in anticipation for baby #2 (who is not brewing or even a thought right now!)

  17. Looks like I am heading to Target today! I'm due in April and I already feel so huge! I have a pair from Motherhood Maternity that I really loved with my first, but my sweet puppy snagged a hole in one of the legs. Side note: my mom has that same camera strap it!


  18. Best post ever! We are working on baby number two and I loved your post about being pregnant again. Would you consider doing a post on what's different this pregnancy vs baby number one?

  19. Your maternity Leggings are looking very comfortable. Thanks for sharing it here. I am also looking for comfortable maternity work out gear for my sister. She asked for my help and searching for some good maternity tanks/tops for her/

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  22. Can i ask what the exact name & style number or even additional info is of the WINNER leggings? I would love to try them out and get some but when i click on the link it appears they arent available....

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