Easy Breakfast Turnovers

With my family in town this weekend, I decided to step it up for breakfast.  In baby steps. 

{Background: Ian fixes all of our breakfasts over the weekend.}

{Yes, I am spoiled rotten.}

To prove to the fam that I can hold my own in the kitchen -- can't let a hubby show me up now, can I? -- I gathered three little ingredients to create an impressive gourmet breakfast.  I know that sounds contradictory, but bear with me.

Three ingredients is all you need for this one.  And I even added in an "extra credit" fourth ingredient ... I know you are impressed.  Right?!

Start out with regular crescent rolls.
Ingredient one.

Roll them out.  Prepare yourself; I told you this was very complex.

Separate them down the middle and lengthwise; you'll end up with four perforated rectangles.  Score the seams together to create solid rectangles.

My fillings of choice: softened cream cheese, peach preserves, and {drumroll} diced apple for an extra credit ingredient.

Place your rectangles on parchment paper on a baking sheet.  Place a little bit of each of your toppings into the bottom of each rectangle.

Fold down the tops of each.  (Confused yet?  I know this recipe is way intense ... expert level)

Using the tines of your fork, seal the turnover around the three open sides.

Brush the tops with egg whites for that perfect Martha-ish finish.

Bake according to crescent roll package directions.

Let cool slightly, serve on an overly prissy saucer, and in mid-1990s fashion, throw some flour on your forehead.


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Fun fact -- I used to make these for Ian when we first started dating.  I'm pretty sure he thought I was going to to this every weekend of his life and therefore, he proposed.  Just guessing.

Happy (fancy) breakfasting this weekend to you and yours!


Washi Tape Fun.

Sooo... I'm on the washi tape train.

You may remember me first professing my love for it back in May and then using it as baby shower favors this winter.  I've built up quite a collection in this timeframe.

I think it's basically a craft lover's heaven-sent item ... pretty, inexpensive, and loads of possibilities.

Washi Tape

I saw some great inspiration ideas on the ol' P that got my gears turning.


(I love you if you just giggled.)

Way cute napkin rings.

Photo frames, right on your wall.

A cuter cup to drink chardonnay out of at a party.

Source: via April on Pinterest

Crazy-cute bunting.

And oh did you know it is still my birthday month?
Well good, because this is on my wishlist. Mmmkay? 
Source: via April on Pinterest

Have you ever used washi tape?  What sort of ideas can you pass on to this crazy craft lady?


The (For The Time Being?) Charlotte Bobcats

This past Saturday we had my parents and my sister Laura and her husband up to Charlotte for a fun little adventure.  We spent some afternoon time checking out local breweries, but Ian and I had another fun little surprise up our sleeves ... tickets for everyone to that night's Bobcats basketball game!

Our Bobcats had some interesting news this past week when the Hornets name was released from New Orleans (Charlotte originally had the name from 1988-2002) and it's now up for grabs.  Although it's not an inexpensive move, I'm hoping Charlotte takes back the name and mascot again.  Our Bobcats record isn't too hot these days, and I think this could be a great "clean slate" move as well as a nod to nostalgia! 

We had a great time that night, mayyyybe in part because Ian and I made sure to pick out tickets that were close to the Rock The Rooftop bar area!  Our family loves to party and have a great time, so this was a must.

We ended the night with dinner at Ri-Ra and then cabbed it home.  The smart gals hit the hay around 12:30 while the guys tore it up in a viscious game of ping pong at our house and didn't crash until 2:30. 

Boys will be boys, I guess.  :)


Happy Spirit

Wise words this Monday...

I'm traveling again!  Asheville, North Carolina this time.  No flight required, and a place I know well.  It's in my comfort zone -- always nice.  :)

Keeping my head up and doing all of this travel with a happy spirit and thankfulness for adventure.


Source: via April on Pinterest


Travel, Parte Deux

Yesterday's "day in {the travel} life" post was fun for me to put together, and I was wowed by all of the fun comments from fellow travelers!

Many of you mentioned other tips & tricks that I use too, like always keeping my travel bag stocked with toiletries and being prepared with good reading material (those 10 minutes of ascent and descent on a plane with no electronics can be brutally long without a great book or magazine).

Here are some other fun things I've found or discovered along the way.

Dressing comfortable is key, and I don't mean pajama pants.
The below outfit is sort of my idea of perfection.  Leggings = heaven-sent on planes.  Boots are another favorite.  Layers, layers, layers.  If you've ever suffered through a hot plane or a chilly plane, you know this much is true.  If you're traveling during warm weather and you're wearing shoes with no socks (i.e., flats, sandals, wedges) you may want to stash a little pair of socks in your carry-on so that, when going through security, your precious soles aren't touching where thousands of other funky feet have walked that day too.

Develop a packing list that works for you.
Print it out and keep it in your suitcase, or maybe just type it in the notes section of your phone.  There's no worse feeling than getting to the airport or your destination and realizing that you left something at home that is really difficult or expensive to replace.  A coworker of mine recently left her entire makeup bag at home and had to go out and drop major moolah on all new (and unnecessary) makeup.

Source: via April on Pinterest

Carry-ons: A large tote bag is your friend.
When flying, you're limited to two pieces to carry on.  Last week for my Rochester trip, I had to check my bag (not my preference) because my two carry-ons were my purse and my laptop case.  I slipped my purse right into a large tote bag that I also filled with magazines, my iPad, my phone charger (always great to have on your person while traveling), and a few clementines.

Love this makeup tip for keeping blushes and eyeshadows intact.
Has anyone tried this yet?  Travel has ruined some of my makeup, I'm definitely intrigued.

Lastly, safety is your #1 priority.
Maybe it's just because we recently finished the Dexter season with the vacation murders, but I think you can never be aware enough when you're out of your comfort zone.  When traveling, a lot of people have the same routine -- for example, always leaving the hotel at the same time for dinner.  Vary it up and be unpredictable; it could keep you safe.

How's that for ending on a positive note? (wink)
What are some of your fave travel tips?


A Day In {The Travel} Life

One of my loves: taking a peek into how other people live!

Last week when I was in Rochester, NY for work, I documented the day through my phone.  Travel is a big part of my job this time of year, and I assure you it's not always schmoozy company-paid dinners and sweet-as-pie flight attendants.  Ha, I wish!

Day begins early at 5:00am.  I start off by checking emails on my phone and (my favorite) scrolling through Instagram.  I don't always wake up this early, but I needed to go see the client first thing that morning.

Laying out all of my makeup is one of my easy and quick stay-sane tricks.  No digging through the makeup bag when every minute counts!  As you can see, I'm a big fan of drugsture makeup.

5:30am: Dressed and curling my hair.  I washed it before going to bed the night before as a time-saver although I'm not generally a fan of that.  Anything to speed up the early morning, though!

11:00am: Leaving the client and snow is already accumulating on the rental car.  Time to quickly head to the airport!

11:20: Arriving at the Rochester airport.  Love smaller airports because of how quickly you can zip in and out of them.  No shuttles, trams, or spread-out terminals.

11:45: Checked in, checked my suitcase, and purchased a crab salad wrap for lunch.  Ate it quickly before boarding my first flight of the day.

First flight from Rochester to Philly.

Quickly grabbed a shuttle from one terminal to the next in Philly.

Yes ma'am!  Upgraded to first class for the second flight of the day.  A small perk of frequent travel.

Favorite plane accessory: my black pashmina.  On this trip, I used it as a scarf during the cold days and evenings.  For the flights, I use it to keep warm, and occasionally rolled up as a pillow.

Perk of upgraded seat: my favorite plane snack duo, white wine and Biscoff cookies.  Add a little spider solitaire and some girly magazines and I'm a happy girl.

5:30: Arrival in Charlotte, waiting for my checked bag.  I love my CLT airport, but they never seem to rush with the checked luggage.  C'mon guys, mama needs to get home!

6:00: After waiting for the shuttle to the daily parking deck, I had to run through the rain to get to my car!  Yay April for choosing a parking spot not in the parking deck.  My hair went curly and I was slightly soaked, but still a little thrilled to be heading home to see my guys.

Rainy roads made for a trafficy and longer ride home.

Finally, HOME.  There's no better feeling than pulling into your driveway!

Even happier to see this sweet arrangement waiting for me.  That monkey, HA.  We always like to pose it in funny ways for each other and send pics.  That crazy monkey was holding my bottle of wine and a cute note.

7:00: Neighborhood bar with Ian for wings.  Our cozy, no-frills place.  So happy to be back.

As I write this, I'm in Orlando and gearing up for another travel day home.  Today I'll have a direct flight (yay!).  So much easier than trying to make a connection. 

Do you ever travel for work?   What are some of your tricks for keeping it all together?
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