Week 39 Pregnancy Journal

How Far Along? 39 weeks

Size of Baby: A mini watermelon, hot dang (20 inches)! Our baby weighs approximately 7.25 lbs now according to the BabyBump app (just for a point of reference, I was 7.1 when I was born ... Ian was 7.11)

Gender: Our sweet little girl, whose name we decided on a few weeks back ... and I can't wait to share it after her birth! Not even our family members and closes friends know -- just her Daddy and me. :)

Weight Gain: Up two pounds from last week's weight, so up a total of 21 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight, or 24 pounds from my lowest pregnancy weight. Doc said right on target.

Maternity Clothes: Yep, heavily favoring the few maxi dresses I have as well as the one maternity maxi skirt I own. Fun fact, I've owned it for almost two years. It's the chevron knit maxi above, from Old Navy. I purchased it before kids were even in the cards because I just loved the style of it. You can actually see me wearing it in this post. Man, I was slender back then. HA!

Nursery: Done and done. Thank you all SO much for the love on it!

Movement: I feel like it's slowing down just a bit, but she's definitely still active.

Symptoms: Just some stomach discomfort which basically feels to me like I've overeaten. And when I have overeaten ... whoo lawdy. Not a great feeling. No swelling -- still wearing my rings and, occasionally, wedge heels (yes, I know I'm crazy). Random hot flashes. Getting a little tired and generally slowing down in every aspect. Per the doctor at Monday's visit, no major progress ... effaced but 0cm dilated (hence the photo below), sorry for the TMI.

Sleep: Sleeping well minus the nightly shuffle to the restroom, and it's sometimes difficult to go back to sleep after that.

Cravings: Fresh fruit and Honey Nut Cheerios. 

What I Miss: New Zealand's best export, a crisp sauvignon blanc. Come to mama.

Best Moment This Week: On Sunday, I got together with some girlfriends for brunch at one of their houses. We had the best time just chitchatting and relaxing over quiche, coffee cake, and fresh fruit. Later I had a pedicure with Christina who is always a joy to catch up with!

Looking Forward To: Seeing our daughter. Will she have Ian's blue eyes? My long fingers? Will she end up with a widow's peak like both of her parents?

Also ... MATERNITY LEAVE which starts promptly at 5pm today!


Pregnancy Reads

During this pregnancy, I've enjoyed reading books and articles to really embrace everything that's going on and all that is in store for us.

And yet, I know that with all of this preparation, there's really only one way to find out what works best for us -- to experience it firsthand!

Regardless, here is a look at some of the books that I am currently reading, plan to read, or have enjoyed during the past several months of being pregnant.

Secrets Of The Mommyhood (here)
This book was a lighthearted and enjoyable read about all things baby -- from pregnancy to birth. I kept a little book of flags on my nightstand so I could highlight any tips and tricks that I really liked. As you can see, I flagged quite a few passages!

One of my favorite tips was this one: "Don't wear maternity shirts before you actually have a big pregnant belly. You will look like a tool."


So, so true, and hilarious!

I also took Heather's great tip for installing a dimmer switch in the baby's room. We love this idea. What a blessing that will be for 2am and 4am feedings ... no harsh light needed, just the dimmest amount to be able to see baby girl well enough to feed her and change the diaper.

The Happiest Baby On The Block (here)
I was loaned the book and the DVD for Dr. Karp's method, and Ian and I watched the DVD together one evening. He reviews the 5 S's philosophy for soothing a baby. Smart stuff! I will enjoy having the book around, too, for refreshing my memory and a little more in-depth information.

Like many people, I have also enjoyed What To Expect When You're Expecting (here) which basically has a cult following. It has a pretty good mobile app as well for your phone or tablet.

On Becoming Baby Wise (here)
This is next on my list to read after hearing a girlfriend who has had success with it recently. Lots of information about getting baby on a schedule.

In my job, we send out The Nursing Mother's Companion (here) and I've recently started reading it to prepare us for nursing. One tip I picked up from that book is to start using lanolin before the birth to prepare for feeding.

Other more fun and lighthearted books I've read have been The Zygote Chronicles (here), Jenny McCarthy's Belly Laughs (here), and blogger Melanie Shankle's book Sparkly Green Earrings (here) which I enjoyed while we were trying to get pregnant. She is a hilarious writer!

So there's what has been on my nightstand and what's currently in my rotation. Between the books and some of my favorite apps (BabyBump, WebMD Pregnancy, and the aforementioned What To Expect app), I have enjoyed boning up on my baby knowledge. 

Just ready to put it into practice and see what sticks!


Our Daughter's Nursery Reveal

The nursery .... the nursery.
My very favorite room in our home.

My vision for this room was that it would be feminine, pretty, and visually appealing to our baby's little eyes.

Everything really came together when my Aunt Karen came down for a long weekend to visit me and gifted me with the most amazing pieces in the room -- she sewed the cribskirt, the changing table skirt, and the drapes for our little girl. I just can't even explain how thankful I am for this gift ... a true labor of love, and exactly what it took to bring my vision all together. I'm so in love with it all.

I'm just giddy to share this space. Let's jump right in, shall we?

Wall Color: Behr from Home Depot, Satin Sheets
Rug: Ikea
Crib: Bassett, found on Craigslist
Cribskirt Fabric:
Light Fixture: Home Depot
Polka Dot Pillow: TJ Maxx
Mermaid: Bla Bla Doll, gift
Shadowbox: Hobby Lobby (holding her coming home gown made by Mom)
Paris Map Art: TJ Maxx
Dress Form: gift from Mom years ago
Gold Vase on Dresser: Marshalls
Gold Tray on Dresser: Marshalls
Apothecary Jar on Dresser: Michaels
Drapery Fabric: Mary Jo's
Drapery Hardware: Target, circa 2004 (clips are recent, from Hobby Lobby)

The Rocker
I went a little non-traditional here by not going with a glider, but this special family heirloom just had to have a place in the nursery. The rocking chair was passed down to me from my paternal grandparents and has been in the family for years. The tassel table holds some frames but also a notepad, pens disguised as flowers (made by a coworker for my baby shower), and a coaster just ready for an evening glass of wine, whoops, I mean bottle of water.

Rocking Chair: family heirloom
Rocking Chair Pad: Pier 1 Imports
Rocking Chair Pillow: I made it - stuffed a placemat with fiberfill
Ottoman: already owned
Sheepskin Throw on Ottoman: Ikea
Tassel Table: Midnight Velvet, no longer available, similar here 
Tassel Table Frames: Homegoods
Lamp: Target (circa 2004)
Wall Medallion: Old Time Pottery, sprayed glossy black
Chicken Painting: Ernest Lee

The Closet
When this room was our home office, we had a very simple closet in it -- sliding louvered doors, one top shelf, one bar for hanging clothes. We had a handyman to build it out and replace the teeny doors with French doors for more space. Cubbies and a dual hanging rack make for lots more room for her little clothing items and accessories. 

Wicker baskets: Michaels
Closet Knobs: Hobby Lobby (use app for 40-50% off)

The Changing Table
Originally, I'd planned to use a low dresser for a changing table, but since we already had a tall one in our guestroom we could repurpose, I decided to go with a regular old changing table. But of course I had to gussy it up a bit. My aunt made this amazing skirt for it which hides all of Miss Priss' unmentionables, like her diapers and wipes. It affixes to the table with stick-on velcro that I already had on hand from Hobby Lobby. The shelf above has some special photos on it and a beautiful new piece of art. The frame on the right which has a picture of us in Rome will be swapped out with a photo of the baby once she's here. 

Changing table: Ikea
4-Sided Contoured Changing Pad: Zulily
Changing Pad Cover: Etsy
Changing Table Fabric:
Wood and Pressed Tin Shelf (painted white): Hobby Lobby
Painting: "The Lily Pad", a gift from sweet Katie of Miss Dixie
Black Frames: Michaels
Decorative Fleur De Lis (holding bonnet): Rue La La

The Bookshelf
We already owned two of these Ikea bookshelves. They flanked the office desk. When we switched out the office to the nursery, we kept one shelf in this room and moved the other to our joint office/guestroom. These were pretty easy to put together and it's a great way to store some of her play items, books, and necessities.

Bookshelf: Ikea
Gold Basket: Marshalls
Monitor: Levana from Amazon
Gumption, Style and Charm Wooden Print: Rue La La
Equestrian Bucket: Target (few years ago)
Bronze Elephants: Old Time Pottery
Fleurs Wooden Container: Marshalls

So, that is our little space for the babe! I am so excited with how it all came together. All it's missing is one thing ... HER! Come on sweet one, we can't wait to meet you and hold you and kiss you.
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