Week 36 Pregnancy Journal

How Far Along? 36 weeks

Size of Baby: A crenshaw melon (18.75 inches). Our baby weighs 5.75 lbs now (up a half pound from last week).

Oh, and what is a crenshaw melon? Well, it took a bit of research on my part too. Size-wise, it falls between a honeydew melon (last week) and swiss chard (next week). So -- are you still as confused as I am?

Gender: Our sweet little girl.

Weight Gain: No gain or loss this week, but still up a total of 17 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight -- since I lost three pounds in the first trimester, up 20 pounds total from my lowest pregnancy weight. Doctor said at today's appointment that my weight was still good and it's common to slow down at this point.

Maternity Clothes: Fo' sho'.

Nursery: Well, I spend way too much time there, I'll tell you that. I just love taking it all in, and I also love elevating my feet while sitting in the rocking chair!

Movement: She's a total wiggle worm! And I love it. I know at some point soon, the movement should slow down due to her growth, but I really love it now. And we had another confirmation at our doc appointment Monday that she remains head-down.

Symptoms: I have a very faint linea negra starting to appear above and below my belly button, and the belly button itself has somewhat gone from flat to protruding. So ... what I'm saying is that I have a very sexy tummy right now, HA! ;) No swelling, still wearing my rings thank goodness! Occasional heartburn that wakes me up. Some coworkers say that it looks as if my belly is dropping a bit. Monday's doc appointment confirmed that I'm making a little bit of progress (50% effaced).

Sleep: Sleeping great. Enjoying that while I still can.

Cravings: Sweet tea. Grapefruit. Well, all fruit!

What I Miss: Latisse. 

Best Moment This Week: The baby shower this past Thursday evening was pretty wonderful, and I also shopped our registry on Saturday evening and picked up some more fun essentials for the babe. I never mind spending money on her. Also, I had a wonderful walk on Sunday afternoon with Kristen and her adorable baby Freddy. He is my new crush and she is just as wonderfully sweet as I knew she'd be!

Looking Forward To: Another great meeting with our doula this Sunday. :)


  1. You still look insanely beautiful! Pregnancy definitely suits you!!! I used to love just sitting in the nursery too, it was my calm space, and almost two years on, still is! Enjoy these final few weeks of wiggles and hiccups! xx

  2. You look great!! We're almost there!! :)

  3. You look fabulous and I love that sweater! That's so exciting that there's been a little progress, she will be here before you know it! : )

  4. Girl I miss latisse too. As soon as Freddy is weaned, I know what my first stop will be (after a fun night of margaritas...).

    It definitely looks like she has dropped a little bit! Musta been that walk!

  5. Gosh gorgeous girl!! Exciting that things are starting to move along!!

  6. Looking good little Mama!!! She will be here before you know it :) Xx.

  7. That red jacket is too cute!

    Also, fair warning. In about 2 or so years, I'm going to be sending you a long email on how you managed to not gain too much weight during pregnancy! Ok? So keep notes ;)

  8. you look great! and i can't wait to hear all about the duela!

  9. you look so incredible! all belly for sure!

  10. I can't believe how soon she is going to be here! I am going to miss your pregnancy posts!

  11. She's going to be here so soon! Enjoy these next few weeks just the two of you- go out to dinner, the movies, get a pedicure, etc! Live it up the best you can at 9 months pregnant, trust me!

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  13. You've got to be one of the most gorgeous pregnant women to ever walk the planet. I love reading your pregnancy posts!

    For a while now I've been dying over the necklace you're wearing in Week 11's pic. Where is it from?

    Yay! Baby girl is almost here!

  14. Love that top! You are too cute!


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