Pregnancy Reads

During this pregnancy, I've enjoyed reading books and articles to really embrace everything that's going on and all that is in store for us.

And yet, I know that with all of this preparation, there's really only one way to find out what works best for us -- to experience it firsthand!

Regardless, here is a look at some of the books that I am currently reading, plan to read, or have enjoyed during the past several months of being pregnant.

Secrets Of The Mommyhood (here)
This book was a lighthearted and enjoyable read about all things baby -- from pregnancy to birth. I kept a little book of flags on my nightstand so I could highlight any tips and tricks that I really liked. As you can see, I flagged quite a few passages!

One of my favorite tips was this one: "Don't wear maternity shirts before you actually have a big pregnant belly. You will look like a tool."


So, so true, and hilarious!

I also took Heather's great tip for installing a dimmer switch in the baby's room. We love this idea. What a blessing that will be for 2am and 4am feedings ... no harsh light needed, just the dimmest amount to be able to see baby girl well enough to feed her and change the diaper.

The Happiest Baby On The Block (here)
I was loaned the book and the DVD for Dr. Karp's method, and Ian and I watched the DVD together one evening. He reviews the 5 S's philosophy for soothing a baby. Smart stuff! I will enjoy having the book around, too, for refreshing my memory and a little more in-depth information.

Like many people, I have also enjoyed What To Expect When You're Expecting (here) which basically has a cult following. It has a pretty good mobile app as well for your phone or tablet.

On Becoming Baby Wise (here)
This is next on my list to read after hearing a girlfriend who has had success with it recently. Lots of information about getting baby on a schedule.

In my job, we send out The Nursing Mother's Companion (here) and I've recently started reading it to prepare us for nursing. One tip I picked up from that book is to start using lanolin before the birth to prepare for feeding.

Other more fun and lighthearted books I've read have been The Zygote Chronicles (here), Jenny McCarthy's Belly Laughs (here), and blogger Melanie Shankle's book Sparkly Green Earrings (here) which I enjoyed while we were trying to get pregnant. She is a hilarious writer!

So there's what has been on my nightstand and what's currently in my rotation. Between the books and some of my favorite apps (BabyBump, WebMD Pregnancy, and the aforementioned What To Expect app), I have enjoyed boning up on my baby knowledge. 

Just ready to put it into practice and see what sticks!


  1. We love and swear by Babywise. Such a good read and after our little one was born there are great blogs too that deal with Babywise schedules. I would scroll through those too.

    LOVE that quote. So funny and true.

    Another great read that I just picked up is called Surprised by Motherhood.

  2. I loved baby books that kept real yet make me laugh too. As for nursing, I nursed all three of my kiddos. If you want, I am happy to tell you all about it. But the best tip I have is to make sure you have a strong pro-nursing support. Every new mom needs some cheerleaders!!!

  3. Love the dimmer switch idea! I read babywise as well, and while we used it to start with...I transitioned to Moms on Call which seemed to work better. I would highly recommend it as well!

  4. Keeping this post bookmarked for the future. I know I would love reading all those books as well! The dimmer is a great idea!

  5. We loved Baby wise. The Toddler Wise is just as good as well. We also lived by the 5 'S's. Hope y'all have just as much success with it too! -xo

  6. Not sure if you are wanting any more reading material, but I read "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" by Marc Weissbluth. He talks all about sleep as related to brain development. I found it very helpful when setting expectations for how soon my son would (and wouldn't!) sleep through the night!

  7. Hopefully you won't encounter any issues, but should the little one turn "colicky", please look into "Colic Solved" by Vartabedian.


  8. Love it...I babywised three babies....they are now 1, 5, and 9....all slept thru the night by 7 weeks old and have continued to be good nappers and sleepers....HIGHLY recommend their schedule;) best of luck! Mandy in Charleston, SC

  9. I LOVED Belly Laughs - so funny (and true). I read Babywise, but preferred The No Cry Sleep Solution. My husband received The Expectant Father when we had our first and jokes that now with a month to go before our third he will finally read it!

  10. 10.5 years later, I promise you will not regret Baby Wise. Best move EVER as a parent! My daughter still do this day knows her schedule and can sleep anywhere!

  11. Oh no! Please don't use Babywise! Children have died from its use. Google the author. He isn't even a baby expert, just some pastor.

  12. Sorry, one more thing. The American Academy of Pediatrics is also not in support of Babywise, so please just do a little more research on it before trying to implement the book.

  13. pinning for the future!! :) thanks xo

  14. Moms on Call was a lifesaver for us- thanks to a couple bloggers suggesting it after my son was born!! She does a great job with schedules and it doesn't feel quite as strict as Babywise. Also if you haven't looked at the website yet KellyMom is going to be your best nursing resource!! I probably spent the first 6 weeks of Miller's life on that website- she will tell you everything to expect- it's a great reasouce. I highly suggest you look at it now so you can get comfortable with it. It's actually what the lactation consultants at my hospital suggested to me and I cannot thank them enough for it.

  15. My sister in law sent me Secrets of Mommyhood. I think I read that and Belly Laughs over the course of three days.
    I want to read Happiest Baby on the Block as well as Babywise. Heard great things about both.

  16. This is a great post - saving to my favs for future ref!! xoxo CAD

  17. Like Lauren, we started with Babywise and ended up with Moms on Call. I actually think it's great to read several books and take a little from all of them if that makes sense?? You'll figure out which methods work for you and your family. There's never a 'one size fits all' sleeping method! :) You gotta do what works for you!
    I loved Babywise because I think the Eat, Play, Sleep is a great way for babies to learn how to put themselves to sleep. However - I'm a wimp and could never go through with the "crying it out" phase of Babywise.
    Love Melanie's books as well! And Belly Laughs cracked me up too!

  18. Love this selection, April! We didn't install a dimmer (ashamed to admit that I STILL haven't found the perfect light fixture for baby's nursery!) but one upside of baby being born around Christmas was he had a tree in his room. Soooo, we used the tree as a big ol' nightlight that allowed us to see all we needed during the night!

    I never quite found enough time (or energy, for that matter) during pregnancy to read "What to Expect While You're Expecting", but the app gave me the perfect little bytes of info. Perfect for an expectant mom working 40-50 hours a week and in school! :-P

    The five S's work! Especially the "shh shh shhhh" S! :)

    i am so stinkin' excited for you!!!


  19. I am a huge fan of Happiest Baby on the Block! It worked like a charm with my daughter. We used it the first night in the hospital and I swear it was like that man that puts Great White sharks into tonic. I'm due with my 2nd in July and I hope it works with him the way it did with her!

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