Oh, Baby! {Weekend Baby Shower}

This is the "season of the baby" for many of my girlfriends, and it is quite a BLUE season!  Lots of bouncing baby boys to join our crew, and we are so excited.

Saturday we hosted a baby shower for a very special girlfriend and it was just perfect.  There were eleven hostesses, so we all brought a little bit to the table.  The yarn wreath I made earlier this winter made a repeat performance, this time on the mantel and with a slightly different decoration.

The dining room had a cute diaper cake for mama-to-be...

...along with cupcakes and her very favorite, chocolate chip cookies!

We had a mimosa station set up for everyone at the wet bar along with sparkling water and a separate coffee station.

We also used the pacifiers I used at the previous shower.  These were a crazy lucky find at the dollar store, and they make such a fun impact when strung with fishing line from a chandelier!

Mommy arrived looking oh-so-cute in her yellow tights and fuschia flats!

We kept the brunch theme and had some breakfast casseroles and fresh fruit.

Kim was shocked when we surprised her with a Bob Stroller.

Even though I'm not a mom, I just love oohing and aahing over all of the sweet baby things!  I used to babysit all of the time and was a nanny all throughout my college summers.  Kiddos absolutely steal my heart.  I feel so fortunate that we have a lot of new little people that are joining our circle of friends.

Congrats Kim, can't wait to meet that precious boy and kiss his sweet face!


  1. What a lovely shower!! Love your necklace:)

  2. What a pretty shower! Is it just me, or does everyone just love "shower food"? I have never left one hungry;)

  3. Such a pretty shower! I love all of the decor!

  4. Such a beautiful shower! I love that you caught her reaction to the stroller in a pic. :)

  5. Precious shower! I just received that same exact Bob this past weekend for my Baby Boy-to-Be. Makes me super excited to put it together :-)

  6. What a great shower! I'm at the time of my life where if my friends are having babies it's not shocking (but it's still so surprising to me!). I'm sure your friend really appreciated all of the love you all showered her with!

  7. Lovely shower! My sister is having a baby and I'm just beginning to start planning the shower for April. Will definitely be using your posts as inspiration!

  8. Great job once again! You definitely know how to throw a gorgeous party!

  9. Adorable! What a cute shower! That diaper cake is so stinking wonderful! This makes me want another baby!

  10. Another beautiful baby shower! How fun to have 11 hostesses!

  11. Hello there! I'm a new blogger and follower and I LOVE your site! :)

    My favorite decor at the shower:

    1. The beverage station (looks so inviting and chic!)

    2. The pacifiers hanging from the chandelier. What a fab idea!

    Love your jacket/poncho, too! You are VERY chic! Looking forward to following your blog!


  12. What a sweet shower! I love seeing all the fellow moms-to-be in the group shot.


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