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It's time for another edition of Five on Friday and I do hope you'll join along!

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What a week it's been! Between a teacher workday on Monday, Halloween on Tuesday, Bunco Wednesday night (I won $45!!) and then solo parenting last night while Ian was out of town, I am soooo ready for a little break this weekend! I am actually going to have some fun girl time on Saturday and I am really looking forward to that.

And next week I have a date with a girlfriend to go see the new Bad Moms movie ... yippee! I love a girly movie night!

I was given the chance to try out some of the seasonal scents from Pure Integrity Soy Candles. Can I just tell you that this little box of goodies also came with a page-long handwritten note explaining a little bit about their company and history? I mean, that is worthy of bragging on them! So personable and sweet.

Here's why I am loving these candles:
1) I love supporting companies who do it right -- good products that live up to their word.
2) The candles are 100% natural soy with 100% cotton wicks. They burn cleanly without the carcinogens. With little lungs in my home, that's important to me.
3) They are more highly-scented than the other candles I've been using, even when the lid is off and it's not even being burned. Bang for your buck ... that's my type of candle.

You can find them on the web HERE and on Instagram HERE.

Scents from left to right:
Hot Apple Strudel, Pumpkin Pie, Vanilla

Thanks for all of the love yesterday on this inexpensive white shirt! I'm definitely looking for another opportunity soon to wear it again. For the price, you just can't beat it, and it's got such a graceful yet saucy look! Amazon for the win!

Have you listened to the podcast called Dirty John? Oh my goodness, it sucked me in! I couldn't get enough and lived for solo car rides or naptimes when I could play it. Download it to read on your next (kid-free!) car trip!

Image result for dirty john podcast

Lastly, a suuuuper big virtual hug to two readers who shared their Cozy Corner photos with me! You can see our Cozy Corner HERE in this post from earlier this week. 

This first one is a sweet little corner she created in their den to foster reading and quiet moments. I mean, I just love this idea and especially the fact that it's in their main living room. 

And secondly, I got this from a reader who is a preschool teacher and she told me that they used heavy white paper to create this little white picket fence in their Cozy Corner. Add a bookshelf, some pillows, and a cozy floor blanket and you are all set! Anyone can do this with some posterboard from the dollar store. 

Thank you to you both for taking time out of your day to reach out to me and share your sweet little reading nooks! It truly made my day hearing from you. :)


That's it for today! Hope you have a lovely weekend -- thanks for linking up with us below!


  1. I’m so glad you posted about that shirt! I ordered it yesterday and am praying it fits when it comes in. ;)

  2. Those reading books are so inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Dirty John is such a good podcast! Though, to be honest, I am a true crime podcast junky. Congrats on the shirt working out. It's such a risk buying from Amazon but maybe that's changing. My mom has been having really good luck with it too. She actually ordered a couple dresses to wear to weddings and loves them.

  4. Those candles are so pretty! And you look beautiful in that shirt. :)

  5. Dirty John was soon good! Great laundry folding entertainment!

  6. It sounds like a busy but fun week! What a score that blouse was! Enjoy your weekend. :)


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