Five On Friday: Powder Room Re-Do (While Hubby's Away)

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My Instagram Instastories yesterday allowed me to spill a little secret ... while the cat is away, the mice will play. Husband is out of town and I have taken it upon myself to give the powder room a much-needed makeover!

When we moved in less than two years ago, we just did the basics to get the room looking an eensie-bit updated. We had it painted a medium gray, we swapped out the old chipping brass faucet for an oil-rubbed bronze one, and we swapped out the old chipping brass toilet flusher also for an oil-rubbed bronze one. I threw in a few decor pieces from Homegoods and frames I already owned and called it a day.

WELL. The flat gray paint is just about the worst finish ever for a bathroom sink area, and the water splashes dried all over the walls absolutely drive me insane. The towel bar is too big for what we need. The towel bar itself and the (ugly, outdated) light fixture were spray painted bronze by the previous homeowner. So I'm redoing it all with the help of a painter and handyman (and direction from my AMAZING designer) and making it all happen this weekend while Ian's skiing.

view as you enter the powder room. 
the discoloration on the wall is from water splashes. 

mirror's got to go, as do the towel bar and light fixture

So, let's get on with the plans!

First things first, paint color. We are going with Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore, eggshell finish to be easily cleaned from water splashes.

With accents of gold to pull out the gold flecks in the oil-rubbed bronze faucet, I think this will look stunning and sharp and moody. 

Speaking of gold, our designer sent me the link for the MOST fantastic light fixture. At $110, nothing that will completely break the bank, either. AVAILABLE HERE for everyone asking!

We are still scouting out the perfect mirror to go under that stunner of a light. I did not luck out yesterday at Homegoods, BUT I did wind up seeing these candle sconces ... hammered gold and just lovely. Not completely sure where they will best go yet, but I know we will find a spot!

To complete the look with all of the little details, we are also looking at THIS small area rug from Ballard Designs ... 

Celano Dip Dyed Tufted Rug
... as well as updating the switchplates with THIS and THIS ...

... and replacing that wide, spray-painted towel bar with a simple towel ring. This one for less than $5. 

I will continue to post updates on Instastories this weekend, probably steering clear of actual Instagram photos because my husband does see those (I just don't think he knows how to watch the disappearing stories). 

Wish me luck and I'll take any and all advice you have! 


That's it for today! Hope you have a lovely weekend -- thanks for linking up with us below!


  1. Oh my gosh, I love that navy paint color! And seriously, teach me your ways of finding cute light fixtures, home stuff, etc. on Amazon! :)

  2. I loved your stories! I’m also a huge fan of hale navy and am using it in our house as well. I do love your mirror!! Send it to my house! But I agree; it’s not the best for this bathroom.

  3. Great picks for the space! We have such a dated little bathroom upstairs that desperately needs a facelift before we move!

  4. That will be a huge upgrade! Can't wait to see it! Navy paint plus brass equals all the heart eyes!

  5. Can't wait to see how it turns out! I'm sure your husband will be happily surprised!

  6. I love how the blue looks in the bathroom, my bathroom needs an upgrade as well! Friday Features w/Linky

  7. Wow, good for you for taking that on! I think the navy will look gorgeous!

  8. I was obsessed with your IG stories last night! Everything looks GREAT!

  9. Glad to know I'm not the only one that chooses a room to remodel when the hubby is away! On his last work trip I re-did the boys' bathroom. I love putting up a new coat of paint; I'm always amazed at how much it changes a space. Your powder room looks lovely.

  10. I LOVED following along... you killed it! Super impressed lady! All while wrangling two kiddos AND preggo... gosh you're amazing!

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