Earth Day ::: Garden Inspiration

Today is Earth Day and I am sharing some of my favorite garden inspiration photos! I've included some notes about particular plants that are growing in our yard that I love.

DIY patina finish for on-sale urns. Nice!

I love this trio of planters! In that front urn is sweet potato vine ... one of my very favorite "spillers" to use in a planter! It spreads so well and quickly, and I love the lime green pop of color.

Potato Vine, Hot Pink Geraniums, & Dark Purple Petunias ~ A Little Pop of Wow...

Here is sweet potato vine with vivid pinks and purples. Gorgeous.

How to Pick Landscaping Shrubs

The pretty flower in the middle of this natural area is foxglove. These plants are dramatic, tall, and one of my very favorite blooming flowers.

Lovely, right?

rosemary mint

Check out this pretty urn containing rosemary and mint. These are two of my favorite herbs to grow. Mint spreads like wildfire, though, and is best planted in a container of some sort. I've made some fun simple syrups to add to cocktails using both of these herbs. 


I'm starting to layer my planters with more and more plants. Look at this lovely one above with five different plants in one planter. The pink and green elephant ear leaves are called caladium and they are some of my favorite to grow from bulbs.


Charlotte has lots of pretty wisteria in bloom right now. My mother begged me not to plant some at our home -- while it is gorgeous, she warned me that it will take over like kudzu. It does smell great, though, and I snipped some from the church parking lot the other day to put in a vase in our kitchen!

Chinese Wisteria Blütentrauben.JPG

Happy Earth Day, and enjoy the outdoors this afternoon!


  1. LOVE! Planters at our front door are my next garden project (well in addition to hanging the bistro lights we just bought) and I am majorly loving the look of sweet potato vine.

  2. I cannot believe how lime green that is, it's gorgeous! and holy cow where have foxglove flowers been all my life? They are so pretty! happy earth day!

  3. I love the wisteria, so pretty. Foxgloves are beautiful too! Lovely pots, I think they are so welcoming by the front door x

  4. Give me all the wisteria in the world, please! Love the foxgloves as well!

  5. Take care with the foxglove...aka digitalis. Beautiful, but quite toxic.

  6. Happy Earth Day! I wish I had such a good green thumb. I'd love to learn when we have our own yard to landscape!

  7. Holy greent thumb! I am so jealous of your planters! I LOVEEEEE the lime green with the pinks and purples. It is gorgeous!! We are currently remodeling the inside of our house so the outside stuff is going to be last, but I hope we can find some stuff that looks as great as yours!

  8. Wow!! LOVE the potato vine!! That is funny about the Wisteria. Two weeks ago my husband and I went out for dinner with the grandparents and gardening came up. I mentioned how I loved Wisteria and wanted to plant some this year... you would have thought I wanted to plant poison ivy by looks of utter disbelief on my grandparents face followed with the begging of me not to!! LOL! Hopefully my potted plants will do as well as yours those look great!

  9. ohh foxglove and wisteria are SO pretty! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  10. I am loving all your pictures, incredibly beautiful and full of gorgeous colors! Xo, Stephanie


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